Prince Charles credits Philip for inspiring shared passion – ‘He could clearly see’

Prince Philip: Children pay tribute to Duke in documentary

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An exclusive BBC documentary dedicated to both the life and legacy of late Prince Philip is scheduled to air on Wednesday 22 September at 9pm on BBC One. Prince Charles reportedly shares memories of his father’s early intuitions on the impact humans had on Earth on screen.

The Duke of Edinburgh was quite the trailblazer.

In one 1970s interview, Prince Philip said: “I don’t think 10 years ago people were conscious of the consequences of some of the things they were doing.”

“I don’t despair but I am very anxious about it”, said the monarch.

To Charles, that vision was central in his own work in the following years advocating for more respect for Mother Nature and putting the light on global warming through his platform.

“At the time he could clearly see what was happening,” said Charles during the hour-long documentary.

“Which is now why some of us have been trying to go on about diversity loss and climate change and global warming because it is destroying so much on which we depend.”

Fortunately, the Prince of Wales also shared happier memories of his late father.

Charles says: “One thing my father did, he was marvellous at arranging silly games.”

“The fun of having young parents, there was lots of chasing around and mad things.”

Judi James, a body language expert, analysed Charles’s interview in “Prince Philip: The Family Remembers” and concluded that he had a hard time hiding his grief from the camera.

“Charles’s signals of grief are barely masked although he does perform avoidance rituals to suggest a lack of desire to share his emotions publicly,” said the expert to

“The truly hilarious clip of family fun is used with the very senior Charles sitting, eyes down in a cut-off ritual.”

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“He is unsmiling, and his brows are puckered.”

“He manages a quick glance at the interviewer but then his eyes fall down again as he shows deep regret at his loss rather than humour at his father’s memory.”

The panel of high profile speakers featured in the documentary include, among others, Princess Anne, Prince William and even Prince Harry who shot his interview in the US where he lives now.

In a brief clip shared by Kensington Palace on Twitter ahead of the broadcasting of the documentary, William said: “All of us are shaped by our experiences”.

“Imagine the experiences that shaped him. The amount he’s seen is not to be sniffed at.”

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