Prince Charles’ ‘healing process’ when visiting Prince Philip in hospital: ‘Loving moment’

Prince Charles had final 'healing moment' with Philip in hospital

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A recent ITV documentary ‘Philip: Prince, Husband, Father’ details the life of the Duke of Edinburgh through a number of rare archive recordings and interviews with the royal. The programme also includes commentary from royal experts and Philip’s friends, touching upon a range of topics, including the late duke’s relationship with the Queen, his family and his royal role over seven decades. Philip, who was the longest reigning royal consort in history, died last April months before his 100th birthday. 

A part of the documentary is dedicated to the Duke of Edinburgh’s relationship with his oldest child, the Prince of Wales, which had allegedly been tense at certain parts of the Duke’s life. 

However, last February, Charles went to see his father at the King Edward VII at hospital for half-an-hour. 

In the documentary, Ms Junor deemed the visit an “important” part of the “healing process” in Charles and Philip’s relationship.

The expert said: “I think that Charles and Philip, as the years went by, the relationship did become closer. 

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“There was an understanding and a greater forgiveness.”

She added: “For Charles to go and visit his father in hospital I think was very important.

“It was a handing on of the baton, but I suspect it was a healing process as much as anything else after all these years of discord between them.

“I would think it was a very loving moment and an important moment for both of them actually.”

After Charles separated from Princess Diana in 1992 he spoke to Jonathan Dimbleby for an authorised yet controversial biography ‘Prince of Wales: A Biography’.

The book painted Charles’ childhood relationship with Philip as tense, after the Prince of Wales was made to attend the same strict boarding school as the Duke of Edinburgh, Gordonstoun.

Philip was presented as a disciplinarian whose tough love occasionally pushed his son to tears.

Then, when Charles grew up, a difference in temperament was also thought to have driven a wedge between him and his father.

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Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph in 1999, Philip said: “He’s a romantic, and I’m a pragmatist. That means we do see things differently.

“And because I don’t see things as a romantic would, I’m ‘unfeeling’.”

However, in ‘Philip: Prince, Husband Father’ royal commentator Robert Jobson claimed that, in the last decade of Philip’s life, he and his son learned to “respect” one another’s views.

Mr Jobson said: “The last decade Charles and Philip both mellowed and both learned to respect each other and respect each other’s point of views.

“Not necessarily agree with each other but respect each other.”

At Philip’s funeral, his family walked behind his coffin, led by his eldest son, Charles.

Days earlier, upon the news of Philip’s death, the heir-apparent had been one of the first royals to address the media. 

He said: “As you can imagine my family and I miss my father enormously.

“He was a much loved and appreciated figure.”

Watch ‘Philip: Prince, Husband, Father’ on ITV Hub.

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