Prince Charles writes 2,400 letters per year ‘All about listening’

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As the Queen’s eldest son and heir to the throne, Prince Charles has taken on a more prominent role within The Firm in recent months. Charles’ wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall has previously referred her husband as a “complete workaholic” and it has now been reported that the future king writes, many handwritten, over two thousand letters every year, with many going to the general public. Speaking on the royal podcast Palace Intrigue, host Mark Francis discussed Charles’ letter writing.

Mr Francis said: “Whether he’s a worthy ruler or not, Charles does write a lot of letters.

“Yahoo puts the number at a whopping 2,400 a year, or around six and half letters every day.”

He added: “Many are written directly to members of the public.

“Charles reportedly receives tens of thousands of missives a year — and he sees a large selection of letters that are written personally to him by U.K. citizens.”

Mr Francis continued: “A royal source says it was touching how letters from the public might catch the prince’s eye because of what they were saying or the kind of issues they were raising.

“Very often when members of the public write to him they may be surprised to see on their doormat a personal letter to them from the heir to the throne”, Mr Francis said, quoting the source.

He adds, also quoting the source: “It is all about listening. He says we only learn when we listen and when members of the public write to him, that is a form of active listening.

“He really does take the thoughts and comments on board and learns from them”.

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Despite the royal tradition of neutrality on the political front, Charles has never been shy to voice his opinions.

Due to this, the future king has been recently been warned that he should be “extraordinarily careful” to not get to involved in the world of politics.

Royal expert Michael Cole previously spoke to Nigel Farage on GB News and claimed that the 73-year-old should be “careful” with voicing his political opinions.


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Referirng to Charles’ political views, in particular his recent speculated comments regarding the Government’s controversial policy for Rwanda, Mr Cole said: “He’s got to be extraordinarily careful about this”.

Mr Cole added that the future king “must take great care” when speaking out on certain topics.

Since adulthood, Charles has also often been the face of many environmental campaigns.


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