Prince George and Charlotte ‘have their own table’ at Queen’s Christmas lunch

Prince George's Christmas list discussed by royal commentators

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The Queen hosts a variety of festive events in the days leading up to the main Royal gathering on Christmas Eve at Sandringham including a huge Christmas lunch for the family at Buckingham Palace. The Festive event has previously been attended by as many as 70 members of the Royal Family and usually involves wine, crackers, and a feast. 

Last year the event was cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions but is due to go ahead this year at Windsor Castle rather than Buckingham Palace where the Queen is currently in residence.

However, this year around 50 of her relatives are expected to attend including Prince Charles and Camilla as well as her grandchildren August, Lucas and Siena.

Although Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Mia Tindall are invited, they reportedly don’t sit with the other Royals.

In fact they have their own room to enjoy their Christmas meal, according to Mike Tindall, husband of the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Tindall.

Former England Rugby International Tindall spoke about the event on his rugby podcast describing how the day plays out.

He said: “This is the family lunch, there were seven tables so there must have been about 70 of us there.

“The kiddies have their own little one in a different room.”

Co stars James Haskell and Alex Payne asked Mr Tindall which of the seven tables he sits at. 

He asked: “Is there a promotion and relegation based on the year’s performance? Because if there is, I imagine you’re pretty much sitting on the right-hand side of Her Majesty.”

Mike Tindall confirmed that one year he sat near the next in line to the throne.

He said: “I was on Prince Charles’s table, it was lovely.”

Teenagers such as Prince Edward’s children, Lady Louise Windsor, 18, and James Viscount Severn, 13, are expected to monitor the younger ones. 

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Following the party, the Queen is expected to travel to Sandringham where close members of the Royal Family will join her on Christmas Eve.

It will also be the Queen’s first Christmas without The Duke of Edinburgh who died in April aged 99 after 73 years of marriage and it’s expected a toast will be made in his honour.

Prince Harry, Megan Markle, their son Archie and daughter Lillibet will not be attending as they are remaining in the US.

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