Prince George and Charlotte’s bond likened to King Charles and Anne

Queen's funeral: George and Charlotte bow as the coffin arrives

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The newly-appointed Prince and Princess of Wales’ two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, joined their parents at the late Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on Monday [September 19]. The young royals, aged nine and seven, have been praised for their immaculate behaviour throughout the service and their sweet bond has been likened to that of King Charles III and his younger sister, Princess Anne. Speaking on the latest episode of Royally Us, hosts Christine Ross and Christina Garibaldi discussed the “parallels” between the two pairs of siblings.

Ms Ross said: “What I really liked was there was so many parallels comparing George and Charlote supporting each other in this time, as Charles and Anne supported each other throughout so much history.

“Even in the last few days, seeing Princess Anne and the, now, King Charles, their interactions and the way Princess Anne supports King Charles and his new role is really moving.”

She added: “I loved to think that they were trying to, you know, support that bond for George and Charlotte.”

Ms Garibaldi described the two children’s appearance at the state funeral as a “very big moment for the two of them”.

She added that it “had to be a really, really big undertaking” for them to “be on this world stage” as well as “grieving their great-grandmother”.

Ms Ross stated that their mother has “thorough knowledge of childhood development” and can “support them in the best ways”.

She added that, because of this, the children, including Prince Louis, have the “best resources” to help guide them.

Queen's funeral: Expert on George and Charlotte's attendance

Prince George, the second-in-line to the throne, was born in 2013, followed two years later, in 2015, by Princess Charlotte.

The siblings have a similar age difference to King Charles and Anne, both less than two years.

George and Charlotte’s attendance at the Queen’s state funeral was confirmed on Sunday.


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The Prince and Princess of Wales’ youngest child, four-year-old Prince Louis, didn’t attend the funeral of his great-grandmother.

Earlier this month, all three children started a new school in Windsor.

The three children are now all students at Lambrook School.


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