Prince George tugs heartstrings as future king ‘looks like a young man already’

Prince George and Princess Charlotte take seats at Wimbledon

Prince George has blown away royal commentators and fans alike, looking “grown up” and ready for secondary school already.

The future King turned ten in July and to celebrate, he was photographed sitting on the steps of Windsor earlier that month smiling while wearing a chequered shirt, smart trousers and suede brogues.

In a break from tradition, it was taken by respected portrait photographer Millie Pilkington, who has snapped all the Wales children and the likes of Prince Edward and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, with their children.

The picture wowed many with several noting how much older and like his father the Prince was looking as he reached double figures.

Speaking on Podcast Royal, released on July 26, co-host Rachel Burchfield said: “Prince George has been the man of the month…There was a new portrait released of him sitting on steps and looking so grown and so much like his father did at the same age…”

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She continued: “It took my breath away when I saw how grown he looks. He’s only ten years old but he looks like a young man now, he doesn’t look like a boy at all.”

In response to the Prince and Princess of Wales sharing the photo on Twitter, several fans shared their birthday wishes with some also noting his growth spurt and similarity to his father.

One fan wrote: “He looks so grown up now and so much like his dad… happy 10th birthday Prince George! I wish you all the best and I hope you will have a great day and a wonderful new year! We all love you.”

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Similarly, Podcast Royal co-host Jessica Robinson thought George was looking much older in his professional portrait, ready for big school already.

Ms Robinson added: “I thought it was a great photo taken by Millie Pilkington… To me, he looks like he is ready to go off to Eton. I thought it was a great photo.”

The Prince, who is entering his final year of primary school in September, is set to follow in his father and uncle’s footsteps by attending the £45,000 a year prestigious school.

Parents have to register three years in advance and when George was seen on the grounds with his parents in June, it fuelled rumours that the future King will be joining several notable alumni including former Prime Ministers and George Orwell.

The young Prince has been stepping further into the spotlight of late. He was seen enjoying the men’s singles Wimbledon final along with his parents and younger sister, Princess Charlotte.

During his grandfather’s Coronation in May, the then nine-year-old Prince also took on a role with greater responsibility than his siblings, acting as one of the Page of Honours, a job typically reserved for those aged 12 to 15.


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