Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘in a difficult position’ over Diana Netflix portrayal

The Crown: Prince Harry 'strangely silent' claims Rae

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Prince Harry has previously defended the Netflix original series The Crown, saying that although it is a fictional drama, it is “loosely based on the truth”. Since leaving the Royal Family in January 2020, the pair have signed multiple deals in a bid to become financially independent. This includes a Netflix deal with their production company, Archewell Productions, rumoured to worth be up to £150million. 

Daily Mail Diary Editor, Richard Eden spoke with Jo Elvin on Palace Confidential.

Mr Eden said: “This is really interesting. Jemima Goldsmith was a close friend of Princess Diana, and she knew her well.

“She was keen – she she works in TV production herself- to make sure that The Crown provided a fair portrayal of her friend. So she became involved in it.

“And I think she’s become very disillusioned very quickly at the path the program’s taken.”

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He added: “Now with Harry and Megan, they’ve signed this very lucrative deal with Netflix and then they’re in a difficult position.

“Remember, we had Harry defending The Crown when he was interviewed by James Corden talking about actually, you know, it’s quite realistic.

“So he is doing what his paymasters want him to and I think that’s very uncomfortable.”

Ms Elvin asked: “Does Jemima’s stepping back from it suggests that actually that they’re writing a fairy tale.”

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“It’s not the historical record that a lot of people particularly in America think that it is. “

Mr Eden added: “I think it does, they’re not interested in historical portrayal they want sensation.”

Jemima Goldsmith announced last week that she was walking away from the show and had asked for her contributions to be removed. 


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The new series is said to depict the last few years of Diana’s life.

It will include the controversial 1995 BBC Panorama interview with Martin Bashir, her seperation and subsequent divorce from Prince Charles, and her relationships with Hasnat Khan and Dodi Fayed, whom she was alongside in the car when she died, and who also tragically passed away. 

The show is set to air late next year. 

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