Prince Harry and Prince William ‘not bound’ by rift – ‘Just moved is different direction’

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Stuart Pierce, Princess Diana’s former vocal coach, claimed Prince Harry and Prince William are “talking every day” even though they have been on different “paths” for years. The Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex have different responsibilities due to their wives and their position in the Royal Family. The two royals reportedly believe in carving their own path but they have not lost touch over a petty feud, Mr Pierce insisted.

Speaking to Royally Us, the vocal coach said: “The two gentlemen we’re talking about, because they are gentle men, they are not bound by a rift.

“They had a disagreement like all siblings do, a minor disagreement and, of course, with the development of their own specific responsibilities in relation to their own wives, their families and also to the area of interest or responsibility that they’ve taken over, they’ve just moved in slightly different directions from how they used to be when they were the cavalier happy-go-lucky very smiley immensely jokey competitive Wills and Harry.”

Prince Harry and Prince William are constantly in touch amidst the speculation on Prince Harry’s return to the UK for the Christmas celebration, Mr Pierce insisted.

He further added: “We live on our cellphones, and they do too. The two boys talk virtually every day.”

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The royal brother admitted to having disagreements at the inauguration of the Royal Foundation Forum in London in 2018, where they appeared for the first time as the Fab Four alongside wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and then-fiancée Meghan Markle.

The host asked them: “Working together, as family, do you ever have disagreements about things?”

Prince William responded: “Oh yes!”

After a brief moment, Prince Harry quipped that they were “healthy disagreements”.

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The host questioned them on the last time they remembered having had a disagreement, to which Prince Harry replied: “I can’t remember. They come so thick and fast.”

The host further asked: “But is it resolved?”

William chuckled, and replied: “We don’t know.”

The Duke of Cambridge’s answer created an awkward silence between the brothers who refrained from saying anything further on it.


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Speculation began to arise about a rift between the brothers shortly before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they would step down in 2020.

Commentators suggested the Duke of Cambridge sparked some tension with his brother over an alleged comment made about Meghan Markle.

Royal author Katie Nicholl confirmed in the documentary ‘Kate: A Young Queen In Waiting’ that Harry got offended by Prince William who addressed Meghan as “this girl”.

She said: “William probably does have a major regret around the conversation that he had with his brother around the time when Harry and Meghan got engaged.”

Ms Nicholl claimed: “William sat down with Harry and urged him to take his time, not to rush into anything.

“What was intended as well-meant brotherly advice didn’t go down well with Harry at all. Harry felt that he didn’t have his brother’s support.

“That really was the beginning of the breakdown of what was, up until then, an unbreakable brotherly bond.”

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