Prince Harry and Prince William praised for their work and dedication to mental health

Prince Harry has admitted in the past he has struggled with his overall mental health and well being. His older brother, Prince William, has also emphasised the importance of maintaining good mental health and seeking help when it is required. The CEO of mental health clinic Smart TMS, Gerard Barnes, argued that the Royals talking about the importance of mental health has helped remove the stigma to the issue.

During an interview with, Mr Barnes said public figures speaking about mental health and admitting their own struggles showed that poor mental health can happen to anyone.

Mr Barnes said: “I think for the public to see public figures, whether they are celebrities or members of the Royal Family, talking about mental health is very important.

“It normalises the fact that this is an issue.

“It makes it look like people who have everything are still capable of being not okay.

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“For the rest of us, it is easier to acknowledge that we are not okay.

“I think the fact that Prince Harry and Prince William are prepared to talk about it is great.

“This is in terms of encouraging people to speak out and consider their own position.

“It is only by asking for help, or indeed acknowledging that you need help in the first instance, that you are likely to make those first steps on the road to recovery.

“People talking about mental health is actually really important.”

Mr Barnes also explained why Harry and William speak about mental health differently.

The mental health expert said Harry is free to talk about his own mental health struggles because he is not in line to become king the same way his brother is.

He added that he hoped Prince William had a close circle of friends and family he could discuss his mental health issues with as he was not free to do so publicly.


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Mr Barnes reinforced the importance of seeking help if you feel unable to cope and may be struggling, he added this was especially important during the coronavirus lockdown period.

The Smart TMS Mental Health support helpline hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

UK callers should dial +44(0)20 3855 4578 and callers from Ireland should dial +353 1592 3560.

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