Prince Harry blasted by US media for ‘whine tour’ .

Prince Harry and William won’t reconcile predicts Sally Morgan

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Prince Harry has been slammed by American media as he continues to engage in a PR push to promote his memoir Spare ahead of its official release next Tuesday. One outlet labelled the Duke of Sussex’s efforts as a “whine tour” while another said it was the “final nail in the coffin” for his relationship with the Royal Family.

Although the Duke’s memoir will be officially released on January 10 as part of a coordinated worldwide release, some Spanish publishers released the book on Thursday.

Early translations of that edition, along with excerpts obtained by The Guardian and Page Six, show that the Duke has used his memoir to continue his attacks on the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The Duke is set to appear in two interviews this weekend one on ITV and another with CBS in the US.

A third prerecorded interview with ABC’s Michael Strahan will be aired on Monday morning.

Although American media has shown some sympathy for the Sussexes there is now an increased level of scepticism.

Daily Caller columnist Leena Nasir slammed the Duke as “neutered” fuming “even those who initially supported his plight are sick of hearing about it.”

Ms Nasir went on to accuse the Sussexes of hypocrisy claiming that they wanted to step down as senior working royals to have more privacy and due to press intrusion but are now using the media to attack the firm.

She said: ” Prince Harry is still chatting up the press about his royal sob story and recently appeared on “60 Minutes” to whine about his familial breakdown.

“Harry and Meghan Markle began their departure from the royal family by saying that they were seeking privacy but then taking every opportunity to complain about being exploited by the press — to the press.

“Harry seizes every chance he can get to whine about his family and can’t seem to get enough air-time to fully satiate his desire to top the headlines.

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“Even those who initially supported his plight are sick of hearing about it, but “60 Minutes” was all in.'”

On Thursday morning, Fox News Digital ran the headline: “The final nail in the coffin”, describing the controversies surrounding the memoir.

Writing on Twitter, The New York Post’s Miranda Devine slammed the Duke as a “baby”, arguing that he blamed his brother for everything and could not accept any criticism of his wife.

She claimed: “What a baby Harry is. Can’t even take responsibility for his own mistakes.

“Has to blame his big brother.

“Whines about William breaking his necklace and giving him a well-deserved shove.

“Thinks any criticism of toxic Meghan is a press concoction.” has contacted The Duke and Duchess of Sussex for comment.

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