Prince Harry boasts about ‘essays’ of praise about his new book

Mark Dolan discusses Prince Harry wanting an apology

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Prince Harry has boasted about the “extraordinary” reception of his memoir, Spare, during a live interview with academic Gabor Maté. In the Q&A segment following the interview, the Prince made reference to the sheer volume of responses to his tell-all book.

“There are now over 48,000 [reviews] and some people have written essays,” Harry said.

“To hear people’s take on my story and the book, and what it means to them, has been humbling and also extraordinary. And it makes it all worth it.”

During the wide ranging interview, the 38-year-old Duke told the 79-year-old Dr that he “feels great” now that the tell-all book is out. He went on: “I felt a huge weight off my shoulders.”

The father-of-two also said the release of the memoir made him feel “incredibly free”.

Picking up on Harry’s recently discovered “freedom”, Maté noted: “Freedom is actually a big theme in your book. And it comes up a number of times.”

The Hungarian-Canadian trauma expert reflected that fame can liberate individuals, but fame as a member of the Royal family is the opposite.

“Some kinds of fame provide extra freedom, maybe, I suppose. But royal fame was captivity”, he said.

The Prince also fired shots at his father, King Charles.

The Duke of Sussex said the lack of hugs from then-Prince was a “mistake”, adding that if he failed to hug his own children it would have a “similar impact” on them.

He claimed that his dad didn’t hug him when breaking the news of the death of his mum, Princess Diana.

The Dr also noted the display of affection towards Harry after his return from battle. “When you come back from Afghanistan, after your stint in the military, you’re greeted by your father and your brother and your brother maybe hugs you”, he said.

“You’re not sure, you can’t quite remember, your dad touches you on the shoulder. And you said to everybody, this looks like a normal family interaction but he was an unprecedented expression of affection.”

The Duke of Sussex responded: “It leaves me in the position of a father having two children trying to smother them with love.

“I feel a huge responsibility not to pass on any trauma or negative experiences that I’ve had as a kid or as a man growing up.

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