Prince Harry ‘came very close to dropping out’ of Eton College due to exam results

Prince Harry ‘is most recent export to US’ says Farage

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The Duke of Sussex has spoken openly about his life as a royal and his experiences with mental health. This includes during his latest project ‘The Me You Can’t See’, a docuseries on Apple+ TV that he co-created with Oprah Winfrey. During the series, Harry explained that he “suffered” growing up as a royal and that his father Prince Charles should have done more to ensure that he and his older brother, Prince William, did not have the same upbringing as him. The 36-year-old said: “My father used to say to me when I younger, he used to say to both William and I, ‘Well it was like that for me so it’s going to be like that for you’

“If you suffered, do everything you can to make sure that whatever negative experiences you had, that you can make it right for your kids.”

Harry himself reportedly struggled during his days at Eton College, with a royal insider claiming he was close to finishing his education before concluding his studies.

In the documentary, ‘Harry & Meghan: The Price of Freedom’ royal commentator, Duncan Larcombe explained how Harry found life at the prestigious school tough.

Eton is one of the UK’s most premier boarding schools, and is located in Berkshire.

Among its alumni includes William, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Mr Larcombe said: “Prince Harry, I wouldn’t say dropped out of school but he came very close to dropping out of Eton.

“He left with some rather appalling exam results and there was a delay before he joined the Army – it was really his only option – university wasn’t on the table.

“In that period, I think now, by his own admission Harry would say that he went through a very bad patch.”

After his studies, Harry appeared to go through a rebellious streak, including his infamous trip to Las Vegas.

During his conversation on the Armchair Podcast with Mr Shepard last month, Harry addressed the media frenzy that he caused.

He responded to the incident by saying: “So much for keeping it quiet.

“At least I wasn’t running down the Strip, stripping, or more naked, at least.”

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In 2019, Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief for Majesty Magazine told the Daily Mail that Diana, Princess of Wales said that “Harry can cope with anything.”

Diana also failed exams when she was at school.

She attended West Heath Girls School in Sevenoaks, Kent, but failed her O-Levels – now known as GCSEs – twice.

In 1978, Diana went to Institut Alpin Videmanette – a finishing school based in Rougemont, Switzerland, for one term before returning to London and moving into her mother’s flat.

More recently, the Duke further explained that he believed in being honest which is a sentiment that he learned from his mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

He also ruffled feathers when he appeared on the Armchair Podcast with actor Dax Shepard where he mentioned that he did not understand the US’ First Amendment, which protects the freedom of speech for American citizens.

Harry referred to the Amendment as being “bonkers”, which then led to talkRADIO host Kevin O’Sullivan’s response.

Mr O’Sullivan said that the Duke had “made a serious mistake” when he “questioned America’s sacred First Amendment” which is about “freedom of speech”.

He added: “Americans do not take kindly to interlopers who turn up in their country and criticise it.”

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