Prince Harry ‘clearly unhappy’ after Queen removed military titles – but will not change

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s 2020 in review

The Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer has shared his take on the upcoming Megxit review. The expert believes the Duke of Sussex, a veteran, is not happy to lose the three honorary military titles he held for years.

However, Mr Palmer added, it is unlikely Prince Harry will be able to retain his military patronages.

He tweeted: “Harry is clearly unhappy about losing his military patronages but there’s no sign of any change on that.”

Prince Harry was stripped of his honorary military titles upon officially stepping down as a senior royal at the end of March last year.

However, these positions are still vacant and are to be filled only at the end of the 12-month review period.

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This decision, which came to light last year following the summit in Sandringham, has been interpreted by many royal watchers as a way for the Queen to leave the door open to a potential return into the royal fold of Prince Harry.

Mr Palmer said the military patronages are likely to be distributed among royals later this year.

He said: “His military patronages are expected to be given to other members of the family later in 2021.

“Announcements are likely to be dribbled out rather than made on March 31.”

The royal expert also said he does not believe the Megxit review will revolutionise in any way the agreement already in place.

He tweeted: “Reporters have different takes on this but for what its worth my understanding is there’s little to discuss in the Megxit review due at the end of March.

“Harry and Meghan seem happy with their new life and are now financially independent.”

Since March, the Duke and Duchess have settled in the US, buying a home in California and striking profitable deals with Netflix and Spotify.

These moves indicate the couple are planning to remain in the US for the foreseeable future while retaining links to the UK through their patronages.

The so-called Megxit deal struck in January 2020 ruled out the possibility for the couple to become minor royals able to carry out royal engagements – an option the Sussexes had indicated to prefer.

However, it let Meghan and Harry retain their patronages – including animal charity Mayhew, the National Theatre and the Invictus Foundation.

The Megxit agreement also established the Sussexes could no longer use the word royal and had to relinquish the use of their His/Her Royal Highness styles.

Another royal expert, historian Marlene Koenig, believes the Duke won’t be able to retain his honorary military titles.

Speaking to in December, the royal historian said: “Other people will be appointed for those positions next year.

“You need someone who is there all the time and he can’t do that.

“He has made the decision to leave and cease to be a working royal.

“Part of being a working royal are military patronages – not every member of the Royal Family gets them, but most of them do – and they need to be taken very seriously.

“When you leave the job you don’t get to retain the perks.”

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