Prince Harry consumed by ‘green-eyed monster’ as attention shifts

Prince Harry ‘consumed by the green-eyed monster’ says Bolt

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Australian commentator Andrew Bolt launched into a brutal rant, claiming Prince Harry’s decision to title his book Spare reveals the Duke’s jealousy towards his brother Prince William and his children. While Harry was once seen as a potential alternative to his brother in the event of an accident, his nephews and niece are now the next in line to take over. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and then Prince Louis are in line of succession to inherit their father’s titles and roles, relegating Prince Harry to the fifth position in line of succession.

Speaking on his opinion programme The Bolt Report, the Sky News Australia’s host said: “I’ve been trying to work out Prince Harry’s problem. And now that he’s announced the title of his memoir, which is out next January, I think I’ve got it. 

“It’s nothing more than the green-eyed monster, nothing more than jealousy. 

“Now, Harry’s book is called Spare as in heir and the spare like his job in life, like his whole existence was just to be the spare royal in case brother Prince William met with some sort of accident on the way and couldn’t become the next King. 

“And then Harry would step into the void, but of course now William has got his son, daughter and another son, so we don’t need Harry anymore.”

Mr Bolt argued Prince William’s three children have moved Prince Harry lower into the royal pecking order, making his chances of rising to the throne very thin.

“And he seems to be having a real problem being kind of like the spare tyre in the boot of the royal car, but actually never destined to be the rubber on the road,” Mr Bolt said.

He also suggested the translation of the memoir’s title into foreign languages better encapsulate Prince Harry’s state of mind.

The presenter added: “Check the title of the book in other countries were the heir and spare line doesn’t quite translate. In Spanish, the book is called Life in the Shadows. 

“In other countries, it’s Reserve or even Leftovers. Poor, poor leftover Harry pining in the shadows.

“Now, Harry himself says this book is about his personal journey from trauma to healing. Healing? Sounds like someone’s still wallowing instead.”

Penguin Random House’s announcement of Prince Harry’s book, set to hit shelves on January 10, has sparked speculations around the term spare and the implications such a label could have on members of the Royal Family.

Since word of Harry’s book first came out, speculations have swirled around Duke’s memoir, with claims the book could be full of damaging allegations. 

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The eagerly-awaited memoir has been billed as a book of “raw, unflinching honesty”, with royal insiders labelling the choice of the title as “confrontational” and “yet another attack on the Royal Family”. 

Former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond believes the bombshell memoir will “trample on” members of the Royal Family despite Harry’s best effort to avoid “hurting his family unnecessarily.”

She told OK!: “But I think Harry wants closure and I think [members of the royal family] are going to be the collateral damage in his journey towards that closure.

“Harry has been working hard to strike a balance that will hopefully minimise the fallout caused by this book,” an unnamed royal insider told Us Weekly, adding that Harry is also trying to stay “true to his principles” and keep his publishers “happy at the same time.”

The same source claims Prince Harry found it “cathartic” but also “very rough” to write about his “traumatic” childhood for his forthcoming memoir. 

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