Prince Harry ‘could discuss’ Prince Andrew sweating claim in new memoir says royal expert

Prince Harry memoirs causing royals 'fears' says Myers

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Speaking to US Weekly, royal commentator Mollie Mulshine claimed that because Prince Harry also served in the army, he could address the claim from Prince Andrew that his military service in the Falklands War resulted in his inability to sweat. Prince Andrew made the claim during his interview with the BBC’s Emily Maitlis which led to speculation around the impact his active duty had on his long-term health.

Ms Mulshine claimed: “It’s bad enough the photo on its own.

“And then the way that Prince Andrew dug himself into an even deeper hole by saying all the things he said in his interview.

“Like when he said he can’t sweat because of being in the [Falklands] war!”

The presenter added how she would be keen to see the claim considered in Harry’s memoirs which are due out in 2022.

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She continued her claim: “I would love to see Harry talk about that in his memoir!

“Can Harry sweat?

“Because he was in the [Afghanistan] war! You know!”

The Duke of Sussex is to publish an intimate memoir of his life, which he has vowed will be “accurate and wholly truthful”.

Prince Andrew faces ‘mounting pressure’ to stand trial says expert

The book will share the “definitive account” of his “experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons”.

The Prince said he is “excited for people to read a firsthand account of my life”.

The Duke of Sussex has reportedly been working on the memoir for almost a year and it will address areas of his life which he wishes to readdress.

Harry is teaming up with ghostwriter JR Moehringer to write the book.


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Proceeds from the book will be donated to charity.

Along with Prince Harry’s latest Apple TV series which explores mental health, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have also embarked on a string of other lucrative media ventures.

In December 2020 the Sussexes signed a massive $25 million partnership with Spotify through their production company, Archewell Audio, to host and produce podcasts focusing on global issues and mental health.

The California-based couple have also signed an enormous TV deal with Netflix believed to be worth an eye-watering $100 million.

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