Prince Harry faces removal of title if he goes ‘too far’ with book

Prince Harry’s memoir 'Spare' to be released in January

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With the pending release of Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir in the coming weeks, speculation has arisen as to whether the contents of the book will determine if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be allowed to keep their royal titles. Speaking on the latest episode of Palace Confidential, The Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English discussed the memoir and consequences of any potential “disrespect” to the monarchy.

Ms English told host Jo Elvin that “if [Harry] really dumps on his family”, then a lot of people could “support” the decision.

She added: “A lot of people feel everything he’s done is constantly moving down the road of disrespecting the Queen and her legacy.

“I think if people felt he’d gone too far down the road [then] it might happen.

“[And] people will support it.”

She added that people could think “enough is enough”.

Ms English concluded: “I know, historically, there’s been quite a reluctance to even consider it.”

Members of the Royal Family were last stripped of their titles at the height of the First World War, when the Duke of Albany, the Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale and the Duke of Brunswick all lost their peerages due to their allegiance to Germany.

An Act of Parliament would be required to be passed for the King to proceed with the removal of Prince Harry’s titles.

The Duke of Sussex could also voluntarily choose to give up his titles, following in the footsteps of Queen Victoria’s granddaughter Princess Patricia of Connaught.

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Princess Patricia renounced her titles upon her marriage and came to be known by her married name of Lady Patricia Ramsay.

Last week, new details emerged about the upcoming memoir.

The title was announced as Spare and is believed to be associated with the term, ‘The Heir and The Spare’.

Speaking on the latest True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat about the memoir title, royal biographer Ingrid Seward claimed it is “a very odd title”.


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Also speaking on the show, The Sun’s royal editor Matt Wilkinson questioned if Harry found the term to be “insulting” then why ” “put it on the front of the book?”.

The contents of Harry’s currently remain vague, although it is expected to provide readers with exclusive insight into life inside the modern Royal Family.

Harry could be set to launch an attack on various members of the Royal Family, including his stepmother Camilla, the new Queen.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl recently spoke of TalkTV, claiming that an attack on Camilla could be a “nail in the coffin” for the couple, their future within the monarchy and their relationship with the Royal Family.


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