Prince Harry fury: What is the royal staple Prince Harry can’t stand?

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Before marrying Meghan Markle in recent years, Prince Harry held a reputation of being something of a bad boy. While he has generally reformed his image in recent years, Prince Harry has kept some of his troublemaking tendencies – even when it comes to dress codes. A new biography written about Harry and Meghan, Finding Freedom, revealed that Harry has a particular hate for formal wear, especially when it comes to neck ties.

While a working member of the Royal Family, Prince Harry deeply resented the need to wear fancy clothes to every occasion.

Finding Freedom states: “Not one for pomp and circumstance, [Prince Harry] never liked certain ‘stuffy’ engagements, like state banquets at Buckingham Palace, or the overly formal attire they sometimes required.

“To this day, Harry does not like wearing a tie.”

Aside from the compulsory dress code, Prince Harry had another complaint about the events he attended as a working royal.

According to Finding Freedom, written by royal journalists Carolyn Durant and Omid Scobie, the Prince spoke of his distaste for reporting focused on appearance.

“I’m tired of people covering engagements and then going off to write some rubbish about what someone is wearing”, the Duke of Sussex reportedly told a friend.

All of these dislikes came alongside Harry’s resentment of his position as a member of the Royal Family.

Even before the decision to step back this year, the Duke tried to structure his life in avoidance of “pomp and circumstance”.

Finding Freedom adds: “Harry grew up into a young man most at ease around close friends and people not overly impressed with his royalty.”

The Prince reportedly wants to bring changes into the Royal Family, especially concerning strict formalities mandated by the Palace, and tradition.

“We need to liven these things up, make them more fun and interesting”, Harry once told the authors of Finding Freedom.

Prince Harry’s modernist views on the monarchy and what it should represent is likely what caused a rift between him and his older brother, Prince William, at the time of the couple’s announcement to step down.

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Mr Scobie, co-author of Finding Freedom, revealed the profound silence that remained between the brothers in the aftermath of Megxit during an interview with True Royalty TV.

He said: “The brothers had not spoken since around the time of the Sandringham summit.

“They hadn’t seen each other. That is really going to take some time to heal.”

The writer said Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship broke down entirely because of the decision to publicly announce their plans to quit the family, causing substantial damage to the monarchy.

He adds: “I think really where it went wrong for Harry and Meghan and the Cambridges was that decision to go public with the road map to their new working model.

“The statements weren’t discussed internally. That’s really what caused the most amount of hurt to William, because he wears two hats.

“He’s not just the brother, he’s also the future king, and he felt that damaged the reputation of the family.

“That is put family business out into the public domain when it should have been discussed privately, and there was a lot of hurt there that continues to this day.”

Multiple royal sources have told The Sun that Harry and Prince William barely speak these days, with the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle having cut ties completely.

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