Prince Harry gives acting another go as he dons ‘Girl Dad’ T-shirt for bizarre new advert

Prince Harry wears ‘girl dad’ t-shirt during appearance on Maori TV

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The Duke of Sussex made a silent reference to his daughter Lili in a video advertising Travalyst’s latest initiative to make sustainable travel mainstream. In the almost five-minute-long clip released today, Harry can be easily recognised as he jogs through the woods. 

One “rating agent” manages to stop him after screaming his name and various monickers multiple times – including “H”, the nickname his wife Meghan Markle revealed to use for the royal in an interview with Tom Bradby in October 2019. 

The Duke finally turns around and reveals to be wearing a grey t-shirt with the words “girl dad” on his chest. 

This appears to be a sweet tribute to Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lili, who was born on June 4 last year. 

The video features an exchange between the agent, whose work is to give ratings to tourists who have been to New Zealand, and the Duke, accused of having dropped a candy wrapping on the floor while he was touring the country with Meghan on behalf of the Queen in October 2018. 

The Duke, the rating agent explains, is being rated for his last visit to New Zealand, which is trialling this new system holding accountable tourists for their behaviour during their stay in the country. 

While he agrees the idea of the country rating tourists is commendable, Prince Harry appears taken aback as he is being given details from his royal trip he does not remember. 

Prince Harry is initially told he deserves three out of five stars for his stay in the country, before another rating agent appears on the scene to announce there has been a mishap and the Duke had been confused with another famous Harry – singer and songwriter Harry Styles. 


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