Prince Harry helps mental health startup triple value after Duke takes on leading role

Prince Harry will be 'poster boy' for BetterUp claims Jobson

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BetterUp has been valued at over £3billion after gaining new funding from some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names less than a year after announcing Prince Harry had joined the firm. New investors include Iconiq Capital, a secretive investment firm that has managed the money of tech innovators including Facebook boss Mark Zuckerburg and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Originally launched in 2016, BetterUp is “a mobile-first platform that connects workers with certified coaches who work with individuals on a one-to-one basis either via phone, text, or video chat.”

Commenting on the news of the increased value, chief executive and co-founder Alexi Robichaux said: ‘This funding will continue to accelerate our mission to bring the most comprehensive and powerful suite of tools to individuals and help them thrive, unlock their peak performance and live with purpose and clarity.”

Royal editor Robert Jobson spoke to Sunrise hosts about Harry’s latest venture when the announcement of Prince Harry’s new role was made earlier this year.

They asked: “What would Prince Charles and the Queen think of this job?”

Mr Jobson stated: “Well it’s certainly not bad money per second for what he’s actually doing.

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“Well look, he said he was going to leave the Royal Family, he said he was going to earn his own money.”

He added: “At least it’s one thing he’s not dipping into Prince Charles’ pockets anymore.

“He’s earning a good salary, it’s something he’s very passionate about, and good luck to him.

“Hopefully he finds great success in it.”

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Sunrise host David Koch asked what the chances were that Harry is “actually going to be turning up to an office, make coffee and use a photocopier.”

“Not on that hourly rate, I should think they’ll be doing a lot of talking, speeches, recruitment, handshaking with big buck businesses.”

“When they called this a start-up, I think they’ve got a couple of billion behind them already.” 

“It’s all about getting investors in by the sound of it.”


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Harry and Meghan also announced that they had created a production company and signed a deal with Netflix. 

The deal was rumoured to be in the region of £150m. 

Meghan Markle stated during her Oprah interview: “Life is about storytelling. For us to be able to have storytelling through a truthful lens that is hopefully uplifting is going to be great.”

“Knowing how many people that can land with and be able to give a voice to a lot of people that are underrepresented and aren’t really heard.”

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