Prince Harry lookalike is ‘worried’ for his safety after Taliban claim

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A Prince Harry lookalike is concerned for his safety after the Duke of Sussex claimed to have killed a number of Taliban fighters. Speaking to GB News presenter Dan Wootton, Rhys Whittock said that although his initial thoughts were about the safety of the Duke following the claims, he is now increasingly “worried” about his own safety.

He also told Mr Wootton that he was considering using a disguise in public such was his level of concern.

He said: “So my initially my first thought was my goodness this is terrible news for Harry, for his safety and his family.

“It wasn’t until my Mum texted me and said ‘Rhys Harry’s revelations about his kill count for the Taliban, he’s now a target you need to wear your glasses when your out in public.’

“And I was like oh my goss, I hadn’t thought about this.

“But I’ve thought since and I’m quite worried because every single day I get recognised as Prince Harry in some way or another.

“And I’m thinking my goss if I was to head to work in my suit like this.

“That’s what I’d normally do, I’d get prepared at home just get the train looking like Harry.

“I’d have no end of comments on the underground or tube, people giving double takes, looks.

“But now I would definitely go to work in casual clothes and get changed at the shoot there and change back to come back.”

Mr Wootton then asked him if he felt that the Duke had put his safety at risk as a result of the revelations in his memoir.

Mr Whittock said that this was true to a certain degree but that he could shave his beard and dye his hair so that the resemblance to the Duke was less noticeable.

He said: “To a degree, yes, but if I wanted to I could shave my beard and dye my hair.

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“It’s quite difficult because I still look like Harry so I have to make that choice about wearing a hat.

“Wearing my glasses during daytime hours.”

Mr Whittock also told the GB News presenter that during the 2020 “Megxit” row, when the Sussexes announced their departure as working royals, he could not walk more than “20 metres” in London without somebody reacting.

He said: “This happened with Megxit in 2020.

“They were on the front page of every single newspaper for 3 whole weeks.

“When I was in London as Harry in a suit, I couldn’t walk more than 20 metres without getting the next reaction.

“So it’s something I do have to consider with the massive publicity with this book.”

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