Prince Harry may not attend Coronation as Meghan feels ‘excluded’

Meghan and Harry: Commentator on invite to coronation

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Prince Harry may be inclined not to attend the King’s Coronation in May as his wife Meghan Markle feels “excluded” from plans, according to sources. The Sussexes have had a difficult relationship with the Royal Family since their move to the US and revelations made in their Netflix series and Harry’s autobiography Spare, however has confirmed they will be invited to the event.

The Spectator reports that the couple are “weighing up” whether or not to attend, as they may face a negative reception from the British public and press.

However if they stay away it may be viewed as a snub on the most “important day” of Charles’s life.

A friend of the couple told The Telegraph: “It’s complicated. There are a million different variables. Anybody could understand the predicament.

“They’ll cross that bridge when they come to it. They do not have any insight. They’re in limbo.”

Friends have said the couple will wait until they receive an official invite at their home in California before they come to a decision.

Invites are expected to be sent out within the next few days.

If the couple does choose to fly back to the UK it is understood the visit will be “brief”.

This may in part be because the day is also their son Archie’s fourth birthday.

The backlash from the publication of Spare, coupled with an ongoing legal battle over their security, may persuade the Sussexes to avoid the UK.

However Harry has made it clear he wants to pursue a reconciliation with his family.

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Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti told Us Weekly that a temporary truce could be on the cards if Harry is to attend the Coronation.

He said: “I suspect that there are some efforts going on to try and make some form of reconciliation.…I think because they don’t want [family tensions] to upstage what’s going on on that very important day.

“Whether or not that’s possible is one thing, and whether or not it’s lasting is another thing. Even if they do manage to make some form of peace, [it] might be temporary.

“I think it’s going to be extremely difficult for them as a family—and more broadly, for the nation and for the Institution—to forgive what’s happened.”

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