Prince Harry ‘not worried’ about criticism as Duke hints at more royal revelations

Prince Harry: Katie Nicholl discusses royal’s comments

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The Duke of Sussex stunned royal spheres by delivering yet another brutal blow to the Royal Family last week. He appeared on Hollywood star Dax Shepard’s podcast, ‘Armchair Expert’, and spoke candidly about his mental health battle. Despite previously claiming Prince William had helped him seek therapy, Harry said it was his wife Meghan Markle who encouraged him to look for help during their marriage.

He also said his decision to leave the Royal Family was motivated by a desire to break the cycle of “genetic pain and suffering” he had inherited from Prince Charles, and his grandparents the Queen and Prince Philip.

While calling his relationship with his royal relatives into question, the Duke of Sussex also emphasised how being part of the Firm was akin to living in ‘The Truman Show’ or being a zoo exhibit.

Then, anticipating the widespread backlash to his comments, Harry hinted that more revelations could be on the way.

He said: “You can never predict it.

“Though probably in this instance, you probably can.

“But that doesn’t worry me anymore. I used to be fearful of it.

“Now, it’s almost like the same groups of people that come at it so negatively or try and turn it against you or weaponise it and therefore affects so many other millions of people from [speaking out].”

He added: “Actually, [it] encourages me to speak out more.”

It’s thought that Harry’s outspoken approach to his interview with Oprah Winfrey back in March — where he said his family were “trapped” in the monarchy — only worsened his fractured relationship with both Charles and William.

While he did return to the UK briefly in April to attend Philip’s funeral, there were palpable tensions between the rebellious Duke and the rest of his family.

It’s said Charles and William even refused to talk to Harry without witnesses to prevent any miscommunications which the Sussexes might pass onto their friend, broadcaster Gayle King.

The interview also triggered calls for Harry and Meghan to be stripped of their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The couple’s popularity in the UK has dropped significantly, as well, with 48 percent of Britons viewing the Duke negatively according to YouGov, marking the first time public attitudes have been negative towards Harry.

Some royal commentators believe there is a risk that Harry will push fans away if he keeps discussing his misery in the Palace, too.

Sky News Australia host, Nick Reece, also pointed out: “The fact that he is out there talking about mental health is a positive thing.

“But, like you, I do wonder how many media exclusives we can go through where he talks about basically the same thing, which is his bust-up with the Royal Family.

“At some point, people are going to get tired of it.”

However, Harry suggested in the podcast that when he receives any scrutiny, he tends to look at those who criticise him rather than at his own actions.

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Addressing the podcast hosts, he said: “The same people that start in the same chair, which is like, look, I’m going to be vulnerable.

“If I get attacked for it, let’s see who’s actually attacking me.

“What’s their story? What’s their agenda?”

He went on to note that when it comes to social media trolls, he takes a moment to “be aware of what this is doing to me”, before looking at those who have spoken out against him and trying to show them some “compassion”.

He added: “Which is really hard when you’re on the receiving end of this, like, just vile, toxic abuse. But the reality is, you say, flip it.”

Harry has previously spoken out about how being in the spotlight as a member of the Royal Family weighed on him heavily.

Yet, the Sussexes have since aligned themselves with Hollywood’s elite including Oprah and Gayle King.

He and Meghan have also stopped using social media after their Megxit negotiations meant they could no longer use their Sussex Royal accounts.

Despite starting up their new platform, Archewell, the couple have not returned to social media and instead have campaigned against cyberbullying.

Pro-Sussex biography, Finding Freedom, claimed that Harry used to read the comments about him online, and “his stomach tied in the same knot every time he saw” them.

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