Prince Harry refers to past royal life in surprising appearance

Meghan Markle's interview comments analysed by Walker

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Prince Harry made a surprise appearance on stage just hours after Meghan Markle’s latest interview was released. The Duke of Sussex joined the co-founder and CEO of mental health and coaching firm BetterUp, Alexi Robichaux, at the Masters of Scale Summit, an event hosting a number of business leaders with the goal to “cultivate innovation, acceleration and co-elevation”.

As the chief impact officer at BetterUp and a strong mental health advocate, the Duke spoke about the importance of therapy and mental wellbeing during the event.

According to a tweet by Doron Weber, the Vice President and Programme Director of Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Harry mentioned his past life in the Royal Family and the military.

The Twitter user reported the Duke saying he never heard the words “therapy” or “coaching” while growing up in the Firm or during his 10 years in the Army.

Reporting what Harry was saying on stage, Mr Weber added: “Then the blinkers came off and his life changed”.

Elsewhere during the appearance, the Duke disclosed he takes advantage of the coaching service offered by BetterUp, as he joked: “I have a coach, I wish I had two.”

Another attendee at the event, Bon Ku, reported Harry advocating for the reframing of mental health as a mean to unlock human potential instead of just seeing it as mental illness.

Shortly before Mr Robichaux and Harry made their way on stage, the BetterUp Twitter account announced the pair would “discuss why leaders need to focus on their mental fitness”. 


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