Prince Harry says he is ‘making sure Queen is protected’ and surrounded by ‘right people’

Prince Harry says he’s ensuring the Queen is ‘protected’

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Prince Harry opened up about his recent meeting with the Queen during an interview to be aired later today. In an extract released by US broadcaster NBC, the Duke of Sussex can be seen discussing his relationship with the 95-year-old sovereign.

Asked by the NBC’s Today programme host Hoda Kotb how his in-person catch-up with his royal grandmother had been, Prince Harry reassured the public about the monarch’s health conditions.

He said: “Being with her was great, it was so nice to see her.

“She is on great form, she always got a great sense of humour with me.”

The Duke also added he is making sure his grandmother is “protected”.

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He said: “I am just making sure she is protected and got the right people around her.”

In the clip shared in the run-up to the full interview, the Duke did not seem to explain what he wanted to protect the sovereign from or who he considered the best people to be around her.

In the extract, Ms Kotb prompted the Duke to speak further about his meeting with the Queen, saying: “You make her laugh that’s what she always says, did you do it again?”

Chuckling, Harry replied: “Yes, I did.”

Referring to his wife Meghan Markle, the Duke added: “Both Meg and I had tea with her, so it was really nice to catch up with her.”

Harry went on to speak about his life in California, where he relocated with his family in late March 2020, shortly before the Duke and Duchess officially bowed out of their full-time working roles within the Firm.

He said: “You know, home for me now, for the time being, is in the States and it feels that way as well.

“We have been welcomed with open arms and got such a great community up in Santa Barbara.”

Asked whether California currently feel “like that’s home more for you”, the Duke nodded.

This interview, carried out in the midst of the 2022 Invictus Games at The Hague, doesn’t mark the first time the Duke speaks about meeting the Queen.

Speaking to the BBC, the Duke suggested the monarch is still hugely interested in the Invictus Games, saying: “She had plenty of messages for Team UK, which I have already passed on to most of them.

“So, it was great to see her. I’m sure she would love to be here if she could.”

Harry, who founded Invictus after being inspired by the Warrior Games hosted by the US Department of Defense, launched the first edition of the Games in London in 2014.

The Queen clearly showed her support for this initiative two years later, when she famously took part in a hilarious video promoting the Games in Orlando featuring also the Duke and former US President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met the Queen last week as they made a brief stop to the UK while on their way to The Hague to launch this year’s Games.

This meeting at Windsor Castle marked the first time Meghan saw the sovereign in person in more than two years as, unlike her husband, she had not returned to British soil since March 2020.

On the other hand, Harry travelled back twice in 2021.

First, he made a sombre trip to Windsor in April last year to attend the funeral of Prince Philip.

A few months later, in late June, he returned to the UK to attend an event of his beloved patronage WellChild and to unveil the statue of Princess Diana at Kensington Palace he and his brother William had commissioned in 2017.

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