Prince Harry wants ‘stressed’ Meghan Markle included in King Charles peace talks

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Prince Harry “doesn’t want to leave” Meghan Markle out of a meeting with his father King Charles as the two sides reportedly thrash out a plan for peace talks, it has been claimed.

The Duke of Sussex’s relationship with most of the British Royal Family is understood to have plunged following explosive claims he made in his tell-all memoir, Spare, earlier this year.

He will return to the UK next month to attend a ceremony for an event for charity WellChild, and reportedly has a second trip planned after the Invictus Games, which takes place in Germany from September 9-16.

Meghan will join him for the closing ceremony before reportedly heading back to the US soon after.

However, Harry is now said to be thrashing out a plan with King Charles to arrange peace talks, possibly for September 17, but has allegedly made it clear he wants Meghan to be present too.

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A source told OK!: “Harry is more than happy to meet with his father to thrash things out, but Meghan will be accompanying him on his trip to Europe and he doesn’t want to leave her out.

“Discussions have been ongoing to bring the King together with his son but it hasn’t been the right time.

“Talks were originally meant to take place when Harry was over for the Coronation, but aides thought it would be far too stressful for the King to meet with his son during that time.

“Everyone is now working toward 17 September as a date that both Charles and Harry can attend, so the finer details are being worked through between their teams.”

One royal expert believes “now would be a good time for Harry to meet his father and for them to have a grown-up conversation.”

The Duke of Sussex has only been seen in the same room as the Royal Family once this year. That was for the Coronation of Kinh Charles in May, where he cut a distant figure by sitting three rows back at Westminster Abbey in London.

Duncan Larcombe also believes Harry would likely want Meghan at any meeting with his father and if there is a breakthrough in talks, the Duchess of Sussex “might be brought in from the cold as well.”

He told OK!: “Harry’s been very quiet and so has Meghan. They’ve kept their heads down for a number of months and I think possibly now would be a good time for Harry to meet his father and for them to have a grown-up conversation, where some of tensions and the rawness of Spare and everything else has perhaps died down.

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“If this meeting goes ahead, yes, it is a surprise, but it’s probably more of a sign that King Charles knows he’s got to sort out the Harry issue because it hasn’t been resolved.”

“Harry’s relationship with his brother and his father has been left in total tatters.

“I would imagine Harry would want Meghan to be at the meeting. If Harry can patch things up with his family, then ultimately Meghan might be brought in from the cold as well.”

Larcombe added: “There’s a way back for Harry I think, because the royals have not slammed the door in his face.

“They’ve made some changes and they’ve stripped him from various things, but they haven’t retaliated in any particular way publicly. So there is a way back for Harry but it will be a very long, slow process.”

Earlier this month, Meghan was seen out in California wearing an anti-stress patch on her wrist while Harry was in Tokyo.

A source told the publication the Duchess of Sussex “wants people to know she’s stressed so they’ll stop giving her a hard time and leave her alone”.

They added: “She knew the stress patch would get spotted. She hoped people would give her a break. She didn’t wear it subtly.”

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