Prince Harry warned ‘inevitable’ detail in new book could prove ‘even more incendiary’

Prince Harry 'tried to take' Diana 'for himself' says Levin

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The Duke of Sussex memoir is set for publication later this year, and so far there has been little inclination as to what it will contain, apart from Harry’s assurances that it will be “wholly truthful”. Harry previously said it will be “accurate and wholly truthful” which could spark a further rift with the rest of the Royal Family.

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti believes it is “inevitable” that Prince Harry will write about his mother, Princess Diana, in the book.

But Mr Sacerdoti fears “raking over old wounds” will cause “more controversy” and prove “more incendiary” for Harry and the rest of the Royal Family.

He added: “Harry and Megan already made explosive allegations of racism against the Royal Family, and any allegations made after revisiting the death of Diana could prove to be even more incendiary.

“Focusing on Diana will of course bring even more publicity and attention to the book and to the Prince himself, which itself might have a negative psychological effect.

“He and Meghan had complained about the press attention they received previously, and that may increase.”

The Princess of Wales died in a car crash on August 31, 1997, alongside her partner Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul.

Diana died from her injuries sustained during the car crash but French authorities found that Henri Paul’s blood indicated he exceeded the legal blood-alcohol limit.

The Royal’s car, also being chased by paparazzi, then hit a pillar in the winding Pont de L’Alma tunnel.

Evidence gathered over two years by Operation Paget was accepted by the public inquiry into Diana’s death. It concluded she died as a result of a tragic accident.

Prince Harry’s latest trip to the UK comes as the Duke has reportedly filed another legal challenge against the Home Office over his security row.

Harry is taking legal action over a decision not to allow him to pay for police protection for himself and his family when visiting.

He has claimed previously it was unsafe for him and his family to visit Britain without police protection.

Government officials and senior police officers have insisted specialist armed Scotland Yard bodyguards and national intelligence are not for hire and to give in to Harry’s demand would open up the possibility of all sorts of wealthy but shady characters coming to the UK and demanding the right to buy official protection.

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Harry’s book is due to be published in late 2022 by Penguin Random House.

However, an exact date is yet to be confirmed amid intense speculation. It is yet to appear on Amazon or elsewhere to pre-order.

Page Six has now cited publishing sources saying the book could be pushed back to next year.

One insider said “things are up in the air” over the release date.

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