Prince Harry warned US turning against him over his ‘endless whining’

Prince Harry slams ‘campaign’ by royals to ‘undermine’ his book

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Prince Harry has been warned the US is already turning against him, with Americans now increasingly seeing him as a “negative and whining character”. The Duke of Sussex now lives in Montecito, California with his wife Meghan Markle and two young children – Archie Harrison and Lilibet. Last month, the couple released a six-part documentary series on Netflix, which largely saw them complain about British media intrusion and praise the “freedom” they are enjoying in the US.

But following the release of his bombshell book, Spare, which sees him make several stunning accusations against the Royal Family, as well as his recent TV interviews in the US, Harry has been sent a huge warning.

Nile Gardiner, a Washington-based foreign policy expert and Royal Family enthusiast, claimed the American public is turning against both the prince and his wife Meghan.

He told “There has been a significant amount of interest in the US from what Harry has said but not as much that perhaps was anticipated.

“While the passing of the Queen dominated the US news networks for about two weeks, Harry’s book and his relentless attacks against the Royal Family have received limited coverage.

“Harry isn’t a popular figure in America, and nor is Meghan Markle. The Queen was massively popular in the US so he is increasingly seen as a negative and whining character in the US.

“The American public is starting to turn against both Harry and Meghan.”

He added: “They are now seen as endlessly whining Hollywood-style celebrities. Most Americans see through them for what they are.

“Harry was once a very popular figure in America but now he has a narrow band of supporters among the liberal elites.”

In the UK, the popularity of Harry has tumbled further in the eyes of the British public following the release of his book, Spare.

The latest analysis from polling firm YouGov, conducted on 1,691 British adults between January 10 and 11, shows the Duke of Sussex’s favourability rate is now at -44.

This number marks the lowest score ever recorded for the Duke by YouGov since the organisation started tracking his popularity among British adults in 2011.

Less than a quarter (24 percent) of the interviewees now think positively of him, while more than two-thirds (68 percent) have a negative opinion of him.

The Duke of Sussex’s popularity rating is also now worse than Prince Andrew’s among those aged over 65s.

While 60 percent of those polled among the oldest generation have a “very” negative view of Prince Andrew, the percentage rises to 73 percent for Prince Harry, the poll showed.

This popularity blow for Harry come just days after YouGov had found the Duke of Sussex’s favourability rate was at -38 in a poll it conducted between January 5 and 6, as the first leaks from the book started to appear in the media.

Meanwhile Meghan has been warned her US political ambitions could be under serious threats, with even some of her close allies turning against her.

Mr Gardiner claimed the Netflix documentary series was a “big mistake” as many on the left have “grown tired of her endless celebrity whining”.

He continued: “Meghan is very unpopular with the US conservatives but there is a liberal elite that is in power right now with the Biden presidency that still like her.

“However at the same time, the recent Netflix documentary series received quite a lot of criticism in the US media, not just from the conservatives, but also among liberals as well, who felt this was an endlessly-whining exercise.

“Meghan is now losing support on the left as well and that is dangerous for her because that is her key support base.

“The Netflix documentary series was a big mistake from Meghan so she has lost some ground with the left in the US who have grown tired of her endless celebrity whining.”

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