Prince Harry wears ‘important’ £218 ring capable of detecting Covid symptoms

Prince Harry set for 'intensive talks' with royals says expert

Harry has joined the likes of Lance Armstrong in wearing the Oura ring, which studies have indicated may help detect symptoms of COVID-19. The ring, valued at £218, was found to pick up certain symptoms of coronavirus such as a high temperature, according to a study conducted by the University of California San Francisco and the University of San Diego. Released on December 14, 2020, the study found the ring picked up early signs of the fever in the majority of cases three days before symptoms were shown.

With a high number of coronavirus cases being asymptomatic, the ring could prove to be useful in reporting the virus before it shows symptoms on the wearer.

Within the study, of the 50 participants who later reported coronavirus symptoms, 38 were identified as having a fever when symptoms were unreported or unnoticed.

Elevated core temperatures are a key indicator to COVID-19.

Commenting on the research, co-author and professor of medicine and research at the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine said: “This work is important for showing the potential of wearable devices in early detection of COVID-19, as well as other infectious diseases.”

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Harry was first seen wearing the ring in 2018 while on tour with Meghan Markle in Australia and New Zealand.

As well as reporting body temperature, the ring also reports sleep efficiency, calorie intake, heart rate and respiratory rates.

Due to the device monitoring continuous temperature, researchers claimed it gives a greater insight into any biological indicators of illness.

CEO of the company, Harpeet Rai told The Daily Telegraph: “People are recognising the power of understanding their own health information.

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“Covid-19 has put a spotlight on the gaps in our health system – we are focused on reactive ‘sick care’ and our healthcare system is overwhelmed.

“Health technology like ours lets people proactively check in on their own sleep and health data to improve their lives and monitor for any signals that they may be getting sick.

“Every year, around cold and flu season, users reach out to us saying that Oura let them know when they were about to get sick.

“Recently, the peer reviewed results from the study at UCSF have shown that individuals may be able to see changes in their data up to three days in advance before symptoms appear.


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“This type of information is even more powerful this year and we’ll continue to see the impact wearable tech can have by empowering people with their personal health data.”

Harry and Meghan’s crunch meeting with senior members of the Royal Family has now been delayed due to the new coronavirus restrictions.

The pair had been due to travel back to the UK to discuss the terms of their departure from the Firm.

The current Megxit conditions expire in March after the pair decided to step back to become more financially independent.

Since then, the pair have signed multi-million deals with both Netflix and Spotify.

The couple have also bought a vast mansion in Santa Barbara, California.

Meghan and Harry also launched the Archewell organisation which encompasses the foundation, audio and production branch of the pair’s pursuits.

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