Prince Harry will ‘rue to regret’ skipping Royal Family reunion with ‘frail’ Queen

Prince Harry will regret not attending Philip’s memorial says expert

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Royal Correspondent Rupert Bell sat down on Talk Radio, to discuss Prince Harry’s decision to not attend his grandfather’s memorial service. Prince Harry has drifted from the rest of the Royal family due to disagreements and internal rifts. Mr Bell spoke of the Queen’s current state of health, as it has been taken into consideration due to her fragility. The Royal correspondent also spoke of this being one of the first times, that all the Royals will be together again since Covid restrictions have been lifted. They also put a stop to a proper funeral for the late Prince Philip last year.

Mr Bell said: “Yes, this is a celebration of his life, it’s I suppose in many ways the funeral service the Queen and Prince Philip wanted a year ago.

“And it’s shortened it’s only 45-minutes, they’re taking into consideration the Queen’s condition which clearly is frail, so they’re trying to manage all that as well.

“But the ultimate, it the means of celebrating, yes as you say, one glaring omission from the attendees.

“And I think he may rue to regret that because there does seem to be every other Royal… Norway, who I think has Covid reasons for not attending, has made an effort to sort of be there.”

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Mr Bell added: “So that is one glaring omission that maybe he will rue later on.

“But ultimately we just hope that the Queen is able to get there, the decision will be made late this morning.

“And obviously it will be managed in such a way as to not put her in undue, sort of spotlight highlighting her frailty.”

Earlier this month, a spokesperson for Prince Harry confirmed that he would not be attending the event.

Many Royal experts pointed out that he would be attending the Invictus Games though, which has caused further criticism of Prince Harry’s choices.

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Prince Harry should have attended memorial says royal expert

There currently doesn’t seem to be an end to the ongoing security row, which is further causing the divide between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the rest of the Royal family.

“In the absence of such protection, Prince Harry and his family are unable to return to his home.”

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Royal author Phil Dampier said: “It’s very sad that Harry and Meghan won’t be at Prince Philip’s memorial service and I think one day Harry might regret it.

“He has said that he doesn’t feel safe without Scotland Yard security but to me, that sounds like an excuse not to come back to the UK and indicates TO ME the rift with his blood family is still bad.”

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams is set to publish a book about Prince William and Prince Harry later this year and also gave comments.

Discussing the Duke of Cambridge’s relationship with the Duke of Sussex, Mr Fitzwilliams said on ToDiForDaily’s podcast: “Both brothers were inseparable.

“And there’s no doubt that one of the tragedies is that they’ve taken very, very different roads.

“The problem is what is going to be in that book.

“It’s very difficult after Oprah, which is just over a year ago, and I thought it was so destructive, and also open to different interpretations.”

“And they were full of inaccuracies, in a lot of it.

“As the Queen said, so well…’Some recollections may vary.'”

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