Prince Harry’s ‘a little rude’ warning over Coronation invite doubt

Prince Harry has been told his lack of response to the invite to the King’s Coronation next month is “getting a little rude now to say the least” in a brutal rant by a Royal author.

Robert Jobson, speaking tonight on Jeremy Kyle Live on Talk TV said the couple were “keeping everyone guessing” and that this was making it “all about them.”

Speaking to Jeremy Kyle on TalkTV, Mr Jobson, whose new biography of King Charles is published later this month, claimed Meghan was thinking: “It’s all about her.”

Drawing on insight “from those close to her”, the author said the Queen thought Harry’s judgement was “clouded” by the Duchess because he was “so much in love with her.”

He added: “I wish Meghan would realise it’s not all about her… they have been given an RSVP, they have missed that deadline. It’s getting a little rude now to say the least.

“You are either going to support your dad on his dad on his moment of destiny or you are not. But don’t just keep everyone guessing because that then creates the whole tabloid speculation, when it’s basically saying it’s all about them, and frankly it’s not all about them, it really isn’t.”

He added that it would be a great opportunity for King Charles to see his grandchildren, if the Sussexes did attend.

A source told The Times last week that the couple are on the brink of confirming their plans.

“I hear they are going to confirm their plans soon, particularly now that Biden has,” a source told the newspaper.

Tom Quinn, author of Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family, said Harry skipping the Coronation would be the “ultimate snub”.

He told “If Harry doesn’t come it will never be forgotten. It’s the ultimate snub. You’re not coming to your father’s Coronation, the King’s Coronation. There’s no going back from that.”

Quinn continued: “They might be able to come up with a plausible reason such as they are worried about security or the kids.

“But, however brilliant the PR, there are some things you can never sell and they are not able to sell that.”

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But some have speculated Harry will attend the Coronation – but by himself.

Andrew Lownie, author of the 2021 book Traitor King: The Scandalous Exile of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, is among those to believe Harry’s solo attendance could mark the first step in his reintegration back into the royal family.

He told “I suspect he will come without her – that is what tended to happen with Duke of Windsor – which will make it easier and may be part of the process of weaning him back within the fold.”

The Duke’s relationship with the Royal Family saw a battering after the Prince unleashed a series of startling and personal allegations in his memoir Spare last January.

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