Prince Harry’s new mega-project with Google off to ‘flying start’ – huge victory for Duke

Meghan Markle had ‘rambunctious education into royals’ says Morton

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Announced today, Google unveiled a new initiative with Harry’s non-profit organisation, Travalyst. The two companies will now develop a model for calculating carbon emissions from air travel which can be used across the industry as a gold standard. Commenting on the news, the royal biographer who co-authored ‘Finding Freedom’, revealed the announcement.

He said: “Google’s partnership with Prince Harry’s Travalyst is off to a flying start.

“The company announced today they will now report carbon emissions data for all flights.

“This is alongside the fuel-efficient routing options just added to Google Maps.”

Last month, Harry welcomed Google to his Travalyst sustainable initiative.

The company claimed Google’s partnership, was a significant step forward in the pursuit of helping consumers make more sustainable choices.

Travalyst is also in partnership with, Skyscanner, Group, Tripadvisor, and Visa.

In a statement on its website, the company says: “Travalyst is a non-profit organisation working to identify – and help bring about – the systemic changes needed in order for sustainable travel to be taken out of the niche, and into the mainstream.

“We believe tourism can, and must, play a key role in achieving a sustainable future for our world; so we’re convening the key players, and catalysing the necessary action, to change the impact of travel, for good.

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“We are committed to being a driving force that redefines what it means to travel, helping everyone explore our world in a way that protects both people and places, and secures a positive future for destinations and local communities for generations to come.”

Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have increased their media profiles since departing the Royal Family.

As well as Harry’s Travalyst company, the pair also made an appearance at the Global Citizen Live concert.

The pair joined other celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Lizzo and Billie Eilish at the event in New York City last month.

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The 24-hour event took place in Central Park on Saturday and aimed to raise awareness for vaccine inequality.

Harry also described the pandemic as a “human rights crisis” during the event.

Harry said at the event: “We’re battling more than the virus alone, this is a battle of misinformation, bureaucracy, lack of transparency and lack of access and, above all, this is a human rights crisis

“They said many countries are ready to produce vaccines at home yet they aren’t allowed to because ultra-wealthy pharmaceutical companies are not sharing the recipes to make them.

“By the way, many of these vaccines were publicly funded.

“They are your vaccines, you paid for them.”

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