Prince Harry’s surprising career path that didn’t please King Charles

In his highly-anticipated book Spare, Prince Harry opened up about a career path that he wanted to go down – one which didn’t appear to please his father, the now-King Charles.

Opening up in his memoir, which was released back in January, Harry wrote: “For several years I’d talked in all seriousness about working at the ski resort in Lech am Arlberg, where Mummy used to take us.”

Despite his dream, Harry ended up taking a completely different route – taking on a ten-year stint in the British Army instead.

Harry went on to say: “Specifically, I wanted to work at the fondue hut in the centre of town, which Mummy loved.

“That fondue could change your life. (I really was that mad.) But now I told Pa I’d given up on the fondue fantasy, and he sighed with relief.”

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He admitted the idea didn’t go down too well with his father, who appeared pleased with the idea that Harry had ditched his plan.

According to Harry, the King also wasn’t pleased during a one-to-one conversation about his desire to work as a ski instructor.

Harry wrote: “I was taken with notions of becoming a ski instructor… Pa tensed again.”

Taking hint of Charles’s disapproval, Harry then questioned another role, asking, “How about… safari guide?”

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To which the King replied, “No, darling boy.”

Unlike Prince William, Harry opted against studying at university.

After attending Eton College, which broke a family tradition, Harry went on to take a travel year before joining the British Army.

He served for 10 years, and undertook two tours of Afghanistan.

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During an intimate chat with Anderson Cooper for CBS’ 60 Minutes, Harry spoke about how grateful he is for his time in the army.

He said: “It got me out of the spotlight for the UK press. I was able to focus on a purpose larger than myself, to be wearing the same uniform as everybody else, to feel normal for the first time in my life.”

Praising himself as a “good candidate” for the military, Harry said that it allowed him to accomplish some of the “biggest challenges that I ever had”.

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