Prince Harry’s truth campaign backfires in US

Prince Harry should be ‘banned’ from royal events says Malone

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The Duke of Sussex’s truth bombs are backfiring in the US, claims one British writer who has lived stateside for nearly two decades. Sarah Nivens, founding editor in chief of OK! USA and regular contributor to the Telegraph, has been gauging public opinion on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since the Oprah interview last year. Since then, the Sussexes have been busy, releasing their Netflix series in December followed by Harry’s hotly-anticipated memoir Spare on January 10.

“I am so sorry that one of my country women has dragged your Royal family into all this drama,” one woman said to the British writer as she made her way out of a coffee shop.

“I know it’s just not your country’s way – to talk about family secrets like this,” another woman said, the morning after Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes interview had aired.

“Calling your stepmom a villain, talking about your brother being bald. Me and the ladies in my book club feel so bad for your people.”

“I just feel like the Queen must be spinning in her grave,” said another to Ms Niven, as she was cornered at a 50th party last weekend by the birthday boy’s mother.

“I feel bad for those royal children who are now going to grow up without their cousins, aunts, grandparents. I think Harry is very short-sighted to choose Netflix money over family. Do you agree?”

In January 2020, Harry and Meghan “stepped back” from their duties as senior royals, moving to the US in March of that year.

Since settling stateside, Harry and Meghan have conducted a highly divisive media campaign, which has culminated in the release of Harry’s tell-all memoir.

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Up until now, polls have suggested Americans have been more sympathetic towards Meghan and Harry than their UK counterparts.

Newsweek poll results released a few days after the US-based couple’s Netflix documentary premiered in December found the Duchess of Sussex was viewed favourably by around 43 percent of Americans and disliked by 20 percent.

This contrasted with an earlier UK poll in November, which showed Meghan was liked by 28 percent and disliked by 60 percent, giving her net figures of -32.

However, she was less popular in America than her husband, Harry, as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton, the YouGov poll found.

Kate Middleton was liked by 52 percent and disliked by nine percent, giving her a net approval of +43, 20 points higher than Meghan’s.

Some royal commentators believe this gap has widened in the wake of Harry and Meghan’s recent media ventures.

It is “striking” how tepid the US reaction has been to Meghan and Harry’s six-part documentary Netflix series, foreign policy expert Nile Gardiner told

The Washington-based commentator said: “It is striking Meghan has had very little support from the woke liberal elites who haven’t come out in force to defend her.

“This has backfired spectacularly on Meghan and Harry and this is not the hit they were hoping it would be. It has alienated the British people but it has also failed to garner any significant support in America.”

Mr Gardiner continued: “The American people are tired of the endless whining and complaints coming from Meghan.

“Americans have no time for her complaints against the British monarchy or complaints of being a victim.”

He added the Royal Family remains hugely loved by Americans – a feeling that has steadily grown since the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September.

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