Prince Harry’s ‘vulnerability’ brought to light by South Park – expert

Meghan and Harry: GMB panel react to South Park ridicule

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The South Park episode aired last week titled The Worldwide Privacy Tour didn’t just make fun of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to a royal author. Commentator Angela Levin said the irreverent episode lampooning Meghan and Prince Harry also touched, towards the end, on a “more sombre issue”.

Penning a comment piece for Sky News Australia, royal biographer Ms Levin wrote: “The episode, while hugely funny, also touched on the more sombre issue of the prince’s vulnerability.

“He is shown to be fed up with being a brand’ and pleads with his wife: ‘We can be the people that we’ve talked about being with no more worries about how we look or the images that we project to people… what matters is what we have on the inside’.”

Ms Levin recalled meeting the Duke of Sussex a few years ago, as part of her research for the biography Harry: Conversations with the Prince.

At the time, the author wrote, Harry was a “charismatic character”.

It was hoped the arrival of Meghan on the royal scenes and in his life, Ms Levin continued, would bring a “breath of fresh air for the Royal Family”.

However, their joint short stay in the Firm as its working members meant they could not make a major impact in the UK and in the Commonwealth, the author added.

The South Park episode didn’t mention Harry and Meghan, but the characters simply called “the Prince of Canada and his wife” presented traits and clothing recalling the two US-based royals.

The irreverent episode showed the Canadian Prince and his consort embarking on a worldwide search for privacy, while seeking the limelight.

In her comment piece, Ms Levin also noted the pair’s popularity plummeted in an unexpected manner both in the UK and in the US.

Polls held in Britain over the past few years have suggested the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s popularity has been in constant decline among British adults.

A YouGov survey held between January 10 and 11 – when Harry’s memoir Spare was released worldwide – suggested the Duke was then seen in a positive way only by 24 percent of Britons.

Out of the 1691 adults polled, 68 percent said to have a negative view of him.

Meghan performed similarly, with 22 percent of those surveyed saying they liked her against 68 percent saying they had a negative view of the Duchess.

While their popularity in Britain started been affected months ago, Meghan and Harry remained liked by many Americans for the most part of two years since they relocated to the States in March 2020.

However, the string of revelations, claims and criticism against the Royal Family released by Meghan and Harry between December and January appears to have affected their popularity also in the US.

This approval rating at -7 marked a visible drop in his popularity when compared to data collected in a similar poll held in early December, when Harry enjoyed a popularity rating at +38.

While Harry dropped 45 points in a little more than a month, Meghan dropped 36 points, the survey suggested.

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