Prince Louis ‘not pleased’ at being made to sit still for Cambridge family photo

Prince Louis and Charlotte 'have positive role models' says Bose

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Each year, members of the Royal Family choose an image for their annual Christmas greeting. The chosen photograph is often accompanied by good wishes for the festive period and the new year.

Last week, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, both 39, shared their image for 2021’s Christmas card.

The most recent festive snap is a vacation photo from a family trip to Jordan earlier this year.

Jordan is particularly important to the Duchess of Cambridge, who lived there from 1984 to 1986.

Kate attended pre-school in the country while her father worked for British Airlines.

In the image, Kate and William sit front and centre in coordinating khaki outfits while their three children sit around them.

Eight-year-old Prince George also wears a coordinating outfit, sporting a camouflage top, while six-year-old Princess Charlotte and three-year-old Prince Louis both wear blue clothing items.

Charlotte sports a gingham dress with ruffled sleeves, while her brother wears a polo and shorts – in much the same fashion as his father.

Dr Lillian Glass, an internationally renowned body language expert, analysed the image for

She noted that little Louis’s appearance as he sits on a fluffy rug on the floor while wearing a striped blue and white polo divulges information about his personality.

The body language expert says Louis appears both “open and carefree”, but adds that the young royal shows a “tight smile”.

She adds that the young royal is in contrast to his big brother, George, who is third in line for the throne.

Dr Lillian Glass told “Louis with his legs crossed in front of him and spread out shows he is open and carefree but still maintains restraint as one of his hands holds on to his body at the waist.

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“His thumb showing and exposed and touching his waist indicates he’s still carefree and isn’t all that thrilled about having to contain himself in this photo.

“He has a tight smile without his teeth showing and cheeks raised and his eyes are not smiling.”

She also adds that the three-year-old was perhaps growing impatient at having to pose for photographs, something which parents of children his age can probably relate to.

Dr Lillian Glass added: “He doesn’t show a broad smile like his older brother.

“While he shows some teeth there is a tightness, indicating he is not pleased at having to be forced to sit for this photo.

“Thus he tries his best to put on an obligatory smile.”

The expert noted that George shows the “most genuine smile we have ever seen” from him in the snap, adding that his body language showed he is both “engaging and present.”

While Charlotte appeared as the “most serious of the group”, but added that she came across as “extremely confident and independent.”

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