Prince Louis title: The TWO ways Louis’ royal title could change

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As the youngest of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children, Prince Louis’ title is officially styled as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge. But based on royal precedent, Louis’ title could undergo several changes when he is older.

How could Prince Louis’ title change when Prince Charles is King?

The first major change to Prince Louis’ title could occur when Prince Charles is King.

When Prince Charles is King, Prince William will be heir apparent and therefore entitled to the Prince of Wales title Charles currently holds.

If Charles grants William the Prince of Wales title, this will affect how his wife and children are officially styled too.

Kate will likely be styled as Catherine, Princess of Wales.

All of William and Kate’s children would keep their Prince or Princess titles when William is Prince of Wales.

But the children may no longer be known as princes or princesses of Cambridge like they are currently.

Prince Louis could be styled as Prince Louis of Wales, with similar styles also adopted for Prince George and Princess Charlotte to reflect their father’s new title.

How could Louis’ title change if he gets married?

Prince Louis’ title could undergo another significant change in the future if he decides to get married.

Members of the Royal Family have traditionally been given new royal titles by the monarch when they marry.

As the son and brother of future kings, Louis is likely to be given a dukedom if he decides to tie the knot.

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Prince Andrew was given the Duke of York title when he married Sarah Ferguson in 1986.

But Louis could also get given an earldom instead of a dukedom like Prince Edward, who received the Earldom of Wessex when he married Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999.

In the past, the second son of the reigning monarch has usually been given the Duke of York title.

However, Louis would only get this title if it was vacant, and it is currently held by the Queen’s second son Prince Andrew.

So Louis could get another royal title instead when he marries.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte may also get new royal titles if they decide to marry in the future.

Prince George will also likely become Prince of Wales one day as he is third in line to the throne.

Princess Charlotte could get the Princess Royal title currently held by Princess Anne, as it is reserved for the eldest daughter of the monarch.

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