Prince Philip told he ‘shouldn’t have put’ son Prince Charles through ‘tragic’ education

Prince Charles became 'disappointment' to family says Levin

Prince Philip was “criticised” endlessly for “putting his son through” Gordonstoun, according to a royal commentator. Biographer Robert Jobson spoke to True Royalty’s The Royal Beat about Prince Charles’ early childhood. The expert noted that the rather austere boarding school that young Prince of Wales had been forced to attend was a choice down to his father, who refused to move him despite concerns.

Mr Jobson said: “Everyone criticises the Duke of Edinburgh, saying he shouldn’t have put his son through this.

“It probably toughened him up a bit, he was probably a little bit spoilt before he went to Gordonstoun. It was a leveller.

“Yes they did pick on him, but I do think actually when he finished that part of the education, he looked back on it well.

“He was a pretty good musician, his acting had come along as well.”

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He added: “There was a teacher there in the last few years that actually did take to him, and tried to push him into the subjects he was good at.

“So, in a way, I think it toughened him up.”

Royal biographer Angela Levin also added insight into Charles’ relationship with his parents.

She told The Royal Beat that the hatred for his school had made him a “huge disappointment” to the Queen and Prince Philip.

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The commentator went on to analyse the lack of “maternal love and warmth” that the monarch gave her young son.

Ms Levin said: “The Queen Mother tried to persuade the Queen and Prince Philip to send him to Eton, but they absolutely refused.

“So he became a huge disappointment to his parents because he was so unhappy there.”

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She continued: “That affected his confidence, and it’s tragic really because those early experiences lasted quite a long time for him.

“He had a lot of problems to come through at that age anyway because the Queen was so devoted to her duty of being a young Queen that she didn’t see him sometimes for months on end.

“There’s this tragic picture where she comes back after six months abroad and sort of just taps him on the head.

“You could see the longing on his little face.

“He didn’t have the sort of maternal love and warmth that small children need.”

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