Prince Philip’s incredible relationship with Princess Anne: ‘The son he wished he had!’

Of course, Philip in fact has three sons – Charles, Prince of Wales, Andrew, Duke of York and Edward, Earl of Wessex. However, the Princess Royal is “just like” her father, especially compared to her quieter, more sensitive brother Charles. According to the 2002 Channel 4 documentary ‘The Real Princess Anne’, Philip encouraged her boisterous behaviour as a youngster, which might explain her strong and opinionated personality today.

The narrator said: “Even as a child, Anne’s strong and sometimes obstreperous behaviour was actively encouraged by her father.

“She was much more a chip off the old block than her more sensitive brother.”

Royal biographer Penny Junor pointed out that both royals are particularly dismissive of the press.

She added it could be Philip’s influence that has made Anne so at odds with the media.

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What’s more, both have a reputation for being bad-tempered, if not rude, as opposed to the consistent politeness of royals like the Queen and Prince Charles.

Ms Junor told the documentary: “I suspect this is something of her father in her.

“I think the Duke of Edinburgh can be very abrupt, can be very dismissive of the press.

“He hates the press, she hates the press.”

She added: “Anne and the Duke of Edinburgh are actually very similar characters.

“In many ways I think Anne is the son he wishes he’d had.”

Growing up, Prince Charles was an introvert and gravitated more towards the arts than sports, which reportedly disappointed Philip, who pushed his son to be less sensitive.

This meant Charles actually got on better with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, who he often went to for advice, than his own father.

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In the 2001 book ‘Diana: Story of a Princess’, Mr Junor told author Tim Clayton that Philip was sometimes too tough on Charles and came across as a bully.

This in turn apparently led to self-esteem issues for the prince, who felt like he was disappointing his father.

She said: “Prince Philip is bluff, outspoken, hearty, tough and something of a bully – and he has no patience with his eldest son’s soul-searching.

“Sensitivity is not one of the qualities he expects in a man, and although he undoubtedly has great affection for Prince Charles, he has spent a lifetime criticising him and quietly undermining his self-esteem.”

Philip’s cousin Patricia countered that while Philip was tough on Charles, he was actually very good with his kids and only wanted to help him develop traits that would help him deal with the pressures of being the future King.

Meanwhile, Anne was praised by her father but criticised for her behaviour by the press for many years, who viewed her behaviour as sulky and haughty.

She was even called names like “sourpuss”, “misery-guts” and “the worst of the Germans”, according to The Sun royal reporter Harry Arnold.

Ashley Walton, royal reporter for the Daily Express 1980-1994, supported the view that Prince Anne is similar to her father.

He said: “She’s just like Prince Philip. She’s the strong part of the Royal Family.

“She’s as strong as he is, takes no nonsense, takes no prisoners.”

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