Prince William and Harry’s relationship with Queen ‘telling’ of Royal Family closeness

Queen 'wants Christmas back at Sandringham' says expert

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The Queen came under fire from both the public and the press for not returning to London immediately after Diana’s death but choosing instead to stay in Balmoral. Her Majesty was also viewed as “cold” for not making a public statement about her former daughter-in-law’s death sooner, although she eventually did. Speculation emerged later on that the Queen’s actions could have hindered her relationship with grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry. 

Royal expert Christine Ross joined host Christina Garibaldi on Royally US podcast to discuss the impact of the Princess of Wales’s death on the princes’ relationship with their grandmother.

Ms Ross said: “After Diana’s death, the Queen being very quiet and not making a statement, staying at Balmoral, it really painted that picture even further that the Queen was kind of cold in this relationship.

“I think that’s terrible for the situation and for the Queen to carry that image you know into the future.”

Ms Garibaldi added: “I feel like Harry and William have such a close relationship with her, if they felt that she had treated her mother badly in any way that maybe they wouldn’t be as close.

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“I think a lot of people tend to forget that she maybe didn’t make a statement after Diana’s death because she was trying to help Harry and William kind of cope with this death as well.

“We’re never going to know the inside story.

“They’ve never explained anything and nor should they.

“But yes, it is definitely interesting to speculate over the years and the events that happen.”

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Ms Ross added: “I think you’re so right.

“It is really telling how close they’ve stayed and remained through all these big times in history.

“It really is telling, that would be something that I’m not sure you could forgive.

She added: “And if a lot of these rumours were true, you know, you’d wonder how they could stay so close.”


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The Queen and Prince Philip stayed at Balmoral with young Prince William and Prince Harry as Prince Charles flew to Paris to escort Diana’s body back to Britain alongside her sisters.

The two princes ultimately walked behind their mother’s casked alongside their uncle, Earl Spences, father Charles, and grandfather Prince Philip.

The Duke of Edinburgh reportedly made a promise to his two grandsons to convince them to be part of their mother’s funeral, saying “I’ll walk if you walk.”

 Tony Blair’s former Government relations director Anji Hunter revealed Philip also personally intervened in a conference call following the fatal crash.

Speaking to the Evening Standard she said: “We were all talking about how William and Harry should be involved and suddenly came Prince Philip’s voice.

“We hadn’t heard from him before, but he was really anguished.

“‘It’s about the boys,’ he cried, ‘They’ve lost their mother’.”

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