Prince William and Kate Middleton warned monarchy ‘will die’ without reinvention for young

Kate and William: Monarchy ‘depends’ on couple says expert

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Royal commentator Antonio Caprarica stated during an Instagram interview that the memories of the empire the Queen represents have no meaning to young Britons. He added that Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge risk that the Royal Family will die from boredom rather than scandal due to their “mild” and “good guy” perception.

Mr Caprarica said: “The problem is also that of offering England – a young country – a fairly young king. You cannot give him some old dodderer for another 40 years.

“For the new generations, the empire has no meaning.

“Elizabeth is accepted because she is everyone’s grandmother but without her, the same pomp will not be accepted and we will probably go towards a monarchy “on a bicycle” like the Scandinavian ones.

“However, the risk with William and Kate is that the Crown will not die of scandals, but of boredom!

“They are a fairly mild family, they are very good guys, while the Windsors have always been the object of a spasmodic curiosity for their stories.”

During an interview with, the CEO of Republic warned Prince William and Prince Charles that they must grant the new generation of royals freedom in order to avoid “trouble” within the Royal Family.

Graham Smith told that Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis should be allowed and encouraged to follow a similar path to Zara Tindall.

Mr Smith said: “I think if they have got any sense at all Charlotte and Louis will go down the route of people like Zara Phillips and just do their own thing.

Princess Charlotte and Louis may 'do their own thing' says expert

“If they have got any sense at all Charles and William will tell them that is what they need to do.

“The large number of hangers-on who have nothing to lose and nothing to gain are the ones that cause the most trouble.

“Why are we putting all these people through this nonsense?

“Just tell them they can do their own thing, I think it was probably a mistake to give them titles in the first place.


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“The whole thing is increasingly farcical and as these people grow up in a more connected and the modern world, they will be increasingly fed up with their lot in life, despite how luxurious their lot is.”

Republic is an organisation that campaigns for the monarchy to be abolished and their views have been strongly criticised by royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams.

Mr Fitzwilliams told “William has established considerable public support for his role as our future king and his campaigns on mental health, to preserve endangered wildlife species and for the environment are excellent and his partnership with Kate, the future Queen Consort, is extremely popular.

“In time their children and their spouses will perform royal duties too.”

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