Prince William and Kate to move to Windsor ‘within days’ to mark special occasion

Kate and William 'may move to Windsor' says Sacerdoti

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Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti discussed the possible reasons behind the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s decision to move their family to Windsor. Mr Sacerdoti claimed it was  rumoured that the move would bring them closer to the Queen. The Royal expert explained how the move would give Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis more privacy, as they would be more shielded from the press. Prince Charles will also be missing his son’s 40th as he is scheduled to attend the Commonwealth summit CHOGM.

Mr Sacerdoti told Royally Us: “I think more or less coinciding with his 40th birthday, they’re making this move.

“It’s been rumoured for a while, that they do it and now, they’re doing that, which will bring them much closer to the queen.

“And possibly it will give them a different way of being able to bring up their kids.

“I think that they’ve always been very aware of the strains and pressures on the children, of their public lives.

“And I think this will give the children the opportunity to perhaps be able to live a slightly more shielded life from the press.

“Within the larger surroundings of where they live in terms of private land and stuff like that.

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Mr Sacerdoti added: “So I think that is one of the considerations that may have been in their mind, and I think they are meant to be keeping their current residence as a London base.

“Where they can be as well, so it’s not going to be completely different where they never see their old home again

Both Prince Charles and Prince William are stepping up as senior Royal Family members due to the Queen’s mobility issues.

Both the Duke of Cambridge and his father the Duke of Cornwall will one day become King and with Prince William moving to Adelaide Cottage on Windsor Castle grounds he will be getting the best training from the Queen to become a future Monarch.

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Marlene Koenig a royal historian also echoed a similar sentiment.

Ms Koenig told “He has been taking on more.

“The fact that William was there too. That was his first time in Parliament.

“But they were there as counsellors of state. It is not a surprise.

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“You have a Sovereign who is 96 years old and an heir who is in his seventies — so, it is not surprising that she is delegating.” 

Prince Charles is set to miss his son Prince William’s 40th birthday, as he has important Royal duties to attend to.

The Prince of Wales along with his wife the Duchess of Cornwall is scheduled to attend the Commonwealth summit CHOGM.

The Queen also announced earlier this year that the Duchess of Cornwall will become Queen consort once Prince Charles becomes King.

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