Prince William outrage: Future King sparks anger as Covid ‘cover-up’ branded ‘wrong move’

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Royal expert Robert Jobson admitted that he was disappointed in the handling of the Prince William coronavirus cover-up. While speaking to Omid Scobie on his Heirpod podcast, Mr Jobson noted he understood why the decision was made. However, he fundamentally disagreed with how it was handled as he claimed the royals should not intentionally mislead the media.

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Mr Jobson said: “I was a little surprised by the cover-up.

“I have covered the royals for 30 years or so and I have not been misled in that way before.

“So I was extremely disappointed, not disappointed that Prince William decided to keep his medical condition private but in the way it was handled.

“As journalists, it is our job to reveal the story it is not our job to be part of a non-transparent world that we live in.

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“In my opinion, it was the wrong move.”

Despite his feelings towards the situation, Mr Jobson also admitted he understood Prince William’s reasoning.

He said: “I understand why Prince William did not want to cause panic as his father had announced he had coronavirus.

“Boris Johnson had announced he had Covid and was in hospital but that was not the point.

“Prince William should not intentionally mislead the media when we have got a set of rules they need to abide by.

“The bottom line is you can’t then effectively put out a denial as it means they cannot make a judgement of their own.”

Prince William has faced significant criticism from royal experts following reports that he too contracted coronavirus. 

Royally Obsessed podcast hosts Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito argued it would have been better for the public if Prince William announced he had coronavirus.

The pair agreed it would have helped shift the reputation of the disease and made the public see it as a disease that can affect anyone.

Ms Bowie said: “Because coronavirus is such a public health situation it would have been helpful to know that Prince William, a young guy at the age of 38, was as affected as his 71-year-old father.

“It would have helped people take it all more seriously at the outset to know that it isn’t just an old person’s disease.

“It is clearly not, and I think that was these people’s disappointment, it just would have helped other people realise the severity of it.”

Palace sources have claimed Prince William contracted coronavirus in April and kept his diagnosis private to avoid alarm.

Kensington Palace has refused to comment on this or release an official statement. 

The Sun newspaper first reported this ahead of the second UK coronavirus lockdown and the source added Prince William did not tell anyone as “there were important things going on and didn’t want to worry anyone.”

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