Prince William soars above Prince Charles as UK backs Duke to follow Queen – new poll

Techne UK’s Michela Morizzo provides newest polling results

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Prince Charles, 73, is the longest-serving Prince of Wales in British royal history, and will ascend the throne as the next in line. But his son, Prince William, is the more popular public choice as the face of the future Royal Family after his grandmother dies, according to new poll results.

In a blow to the Prince of Wales, less than a third of those polled in research carried out by Techne backed Prince Charles to take up the position of the monarch after his mother.

However, half of the respondents said they would prefer his son, Prince William, to lead the monarchy after the Queen’s reign ends.

The poll, which used a weighted sample of 1618 UK adults, showed that 32 percent supported Charles as the future king, and 18 percent were not sure.

According to the poll, 78 percent of those asked saw the second-in-line in a positive light, with just 14 percent taking a negative view of the Duke of Cambridge.

Prince Charles ranked considerably lower with an approval rating of 55 percent, with 35 percent of respondents seeing him negatively.

The Prince of Wales has already begun to take on a number of the Queen’s duties as she reels in her schedule ahead of the Jubilee.

Her Majesty has cut back her public appearances as she battles ongoing sporadic mobility issues.

Prince Charles took the reins for his mother during the State Opening of Parliament earlier this month, joining the procession and delivering the Queen’s Speech on her behalf.

It was only the third time during her reign that the Queen skipped the annual event.

Also in attendance at the State Opening of Parliament was Prince William, in his capacity as councillor of state.

The Duke of Cambridge, who will celebrate his 40th birthday next month, has similarly ramped up his royal responsibilities as the Queen scales back her public outings.

Along with Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, he hosted the third and final garden party of the year at Buckingham Palace this week.

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The Duke and Duchess were joined by Princess Beatrice and the Earl and Countess of Wessex as they greeted guests and sheltered underneath umbrellas in the Palace gardens.

Kate, 40, attracted high approval ratings in the new poll for, with 74 percent backing the mother-of-three.

Just 14 percent saw the Duchess in a negative light, whereas 10 percent said they didn’t know.

But ahead of all other Royal Family members was the Queen, who was perceived positively by an overwhelming 85 percent of those asked.

On the other hand, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, had the approval of just 47 percent of respondents, with 38 percent saying they did not view her positively.

Camilla will likely become Queen Consort when her husband ascends the throne, rather than taking the lesser title of Princess Consort.

The Queen used her Jubilee message in February this year to express her “sincere wish” that Camilla takes that title upon Charles’ accession.

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