Prince William tells of ‘letting out steam with the guys’ away from busy parenting time

Prince William's 'legacy' discussed by royal expert

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Speaking on the Peter Crouch Podcast, the Prince admitted football has become more important to him and being able to talk about the sport with others. He said: “Since becoming a dad, football has become way more important than it used to, it’s changed a lot; I need to be amongst other guys and let out some steam.

“Shout a bit, not abuse the referee because I am the President of the FA and I can’t do that but in my head I am.

“Talking about football helps a lot.”

Prince George is the eldest of the Cambridge children at eight years old, followed by Princess Charlotte who is six and Prince Louis who is three.

Peter Crouch asked if Prince William’s children enjoyed football.

Prince William responded: “Yeah they do, I took George and Charlotte to the Norwich, Villa game, George started to get really into it by the end.

“I will try not to persuade him to be a Villa fan, I will let him choose his own way, I think having a variety of clubs, it’s about what fits for him.”

Prince William was asked: “What if he got really good at football, can he do the job and up front for Villa?”

The Prince replied: “Definitely I reckon he could be an all-time goal scorer, I can’t see no reason why not.”

The Prince was also asked on the podcast: “What happens if he supports Birmingham City?”

“Previously I was a bit concerned about him supporting Chelsea – now Frank’s come in I feel the culture is a bit different a Chelsea, I would be ok with it.

“I do like the value and ethos of the club, I want them to look after their players, I want them to set a good example to the young fans.

“I want all of our children when they go to a football match to come away loving what they have seen and enjoying it, and see their role models behave in a way we would all want them to.”


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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took Prince George to see England at the final of the Euros at Wembley in July.

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