Prince William’s ‘temper’ stunned Camilla on entering Firm as young ‘royal found it hard’

Kate and Prince William to 'take over' Frogmore home

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The Duchess has spoken for the first time since being awarded the role of Queen consort. She said she was “very honoured, very honoured and very touched” during a visit to a community kitchen based in Notting Hill, West London. During the visit she spoke to refugees and volunteers at the West London Welcome charity, who were cooking a rice-based Iranian dish called Loobia Polo for visitors. Before this, Camilla also spoke to staff at Paddington Haven, a sexual assault referral centre in west London.

She has emerged as an integral part of the Royal Family in recent years, but her early days in The Firm were far from smooth.

Charles and Camilla went public with their relationship in the early Noughties – several years after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales – but William and brother Prince Harry were not pictured with her in public until 2001.

In her book ‘Prince William: Born to be King’, a palace source tells royal biographer Penny Junor: “I think the relationship between them all is warm now but if I’m honest, it wasn’t then. I think they found it hard.

“To be fair to Camilla, she never tried to be mummy but she was the ‘other woman’ and she was there and taking daddy’s time.”

A source told the Daily Mail that there were “huge rows” in the beginning of their marriage, as everyone “found their feet”.

They said: “William didn’t have the best relationship with his father back then.”

Royal author Robert Lacey also claimed in his 2020 book ‘Battle of Brothers’ that Camilla was shocked by William’s temper when she first entered the family.

He wrote: “Harry has freely confessed to his own blazing temper from time to time – and as for his elder brother he has proved no sweet William when roused.

“In the years after her 2005 marriage to Prince Charles, Camilla has recounted to her own family and close friends her surprise at discovering this unexpected side to Prince Charming – ‘the boy’s got a temper!’

“Charles’s wife had been horrified at the ranting and raving that on occasion William had unleashed against her husband in her presence.”

Mr Lacey continues: “The rows have been earth-shattering by Camilla’s account, with William doing the shouting and Charles submitting meekly on the receiving end.”

According to the author, William “holds nothing back” when he is voicing his opinion with his father.

The relationship between the royal brothers and Camilla has improved since the early stages, and reports this week indicate William approves of his step-mother’s new role as Queen consort.

He was not a part of the decision-making process but he has given his support for Camilla to take on the title of Queen Consort upon his father’s coronation, as reported by the Daily Mail.


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A source told the newspaper: “The duke is supportive.”

The Mail also spoke to a source who said the support reflects the current strength of his relationship with Prince Charles.

They said: “His relationship with the Prince of Wales is better than it ever has been.

“He is not particularly close to his stepmother but they get on perfectly well and are quite the blended family now. He also respects his grandmother and her judgement more than anything in the world.

‘If it is right for her, then it will be right for him.”

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