Prince William’s tribute to Harry and Diana spotted in Waleses Coronation video

Behind-the-scenes look at William and Kate’s Coronation weekend

Eagle-eyed fans were sent into a frenzy as they spotted a lovely tribute to Prince Harry and Princess Diana in Prince William’s behind-the-scenes Coronation video.

The clip showed how the Prince of Wales and his family prepared for the special occasion, and included footage of the Waleses’ former house at Kensington Palace.

Royal watchers were quick to spot a black-and-white picture taking pride of place on a grand piano in what is believed to be Apartment 1A’s sitting room.

The snap shows William smiling to the camera as he leans into Diana’s left shoulder while Harry rests his arm and head on his mother’s right shoulder.

The photo was used as Diana’s Christmas Card in 1995, the second portraying only herself and her sons since her separation from Prince Charles became official.

Much like the video clip itself, the presence of the photo sparked a major debate among royal fans, who flocked to TikTok to suggest William still wants to keep his brother close to him despite him now living across the Pond.

User berryizzy21 said: “His love for his brother would never change.” While Katelyn Savage wrote: “It’s like his great-grandparents. One brother stays and one goes. The relationship changed but they still cared behind the scenes.”

Tsetskhla wrote: “I really hope that the blood relationship will not be lost and one day they will be such a cool and big family again.”

And gladis_sanchez310 said: “I honestly wish Harry and William could come together without the media or public inserting into their relationship. Diana would be devastated.”

William and Harry have certainly had their differences over recent years but came together in 2021 to mark the special unveiling of a statue in memory of their mother at Kensington Palace.

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Both brothers have often remarked on how important Diana was and how she remains a pivotal influence in the work they do today.

And they have ensured to pass on the lessons they learned from their mother to their children – with William and Harry paying tribute to her as both of her granddaughters, Princess Charlotte and Princess Lilibet, were named after her.

Speaking to HBO in 2017, William said: “We’ve got more photos up around the house of her, and we talk about her a bit and stuff.

“And it’s hard because obviously, Catherine didn’t know her, so she cannot really provide that level of detail.

“I do regularly, putting George and Charlotte to bed, talk about her, and just try to remind them that there are two grandmothers — there were two grandmothers in their lives. And it’s important they know who she was and that she existed.”

Harry has also made sure to keep pictures of his late mother at his home, with footage from Netflix’s Harry & Meghan showing his son Prince Archie being held in front of one of the snaps.

In the clip, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex can be heard saying: “That’s your grandma.”

The Duke said the presence of Diana in his life is “constant” and while he does not talk to his children about how their grandmother died, he talks about her frequently.

He told Today’s Hoda Kotb last year: “It’s almost as though she has done her bit with my brother and now she is very much like helping me.

“She’s got him set up and now she’s helping me set up. That’s what it feels like. He’s got his kids, I’ve got my kids.

“The circumstances are obviously different. I feel her presence in almost everything I do now, but definitely more so in the last two years than ever before without question. She’s watching over us.”

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