Princess Anne ‘very low key’ royal and likes ‘under the radar’ visits

Princess Anne 'does the heavy lifting' says Palmer

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The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip often attends royal visits that are “never announced in advance” as she prefers them to be kept “under the radar”. Speaking on the latest episode of Palace Confidential, the Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English addresses why there is far less coverage of Princess Anne than any other member of the British monarchy.

Ms English said: “Princess Anne doesn’t actually want us to write about her.

“These trips are actually never announced in advance, we only ever find out about them when they happen.”

She added: “They are, indeed, very under the radar.

Earlier this month, Anne attended as a “guest of the English-Speaking Union”.

The 72-year-old went to “a gala dinner [and] she was also seen riding the Staten Island ferry in a very low-key way for a member of the Royal Family”.

Ms English noted that is “the way [Anne] likes it”.

“She likes to go out there, do what she needs to do with minimum fuss.”

She added: “That’s alright when it is Princess Anne”, however, other members of the Royal Family “do need to be more visible”

Other royals, unlike Anne, need to “publicly banging the drum for UK PLC aboard”.

Princess Anne could be King's 'right hand woman' says host

Following the Queen’s death on September 8, Anne was the only one of the monarch’s four children to accompany the 96-year-old on her final journey from Scotland.

Over the years, particularly in her last years, Anne had provide huge amount support to her mother.

Anne also shared a love of horses with the Queen.

Whilst in New York City, earlier this month, Anne carried out four royal engagements.

Her visit to the states was her second official public appearance since her beloved mother’s death. Her first appearance was a visit to Portsmouth Naval Base, just a few days after the funeral service.


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Aside from keeping a low profile with visits, Anne chosen not to give her two children, Zara and Peter, any royal titles, meaning they are private citizens.

Along with all members of the Royal Family, including Prince Harry and Meghan, Zara and Peter were in attendance for their late grandmother’s funeral.


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