Princess Anne warned to ‘give Sarah Ferguson a break’ over row

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The Princess Royal headed to Scotland last week for a series of public engagements in the Highlands. She travelled to Oban to support the Argyllshire Gathering Oban Games and presented medals and trophies to some of the Games’ winners. Amid security concerns, the visit was kept a closely guarded secret.

Anne has become known for her no-nonsense, straight talking approach to life.

Her frank, and sometimes off-hand style, have become a trademark feature of the Princess throughout her life.

None more so was this approach present than in her relationship with Sarah Ferguson,  ex-wifeof her brother Prince Andrew.

Sarah, affectionately known as Fergie, had to change everything upon joining the Firm – from the way she dressed to her behaviour when out in public.

Insiders suggested she received very little guidance on how to do so.

She found herself turning to her new sister-in-law, Princess Diana, for advice as she continued to be told what she was doing wrong, but not what she should be doing.

The Princess of Wales and Fergie first met long before entering the royal fold, according to The Mirror.

They initially met in their early teens and stayed close friends into adulthood.

Diana later played matchmaker and introduced Fergie to Andrew.

Diana and Fergie helped change the face of the Firm, bringing a fresh and more modernised outlook that had previously not been seen within the Royal Family.

Anne, however, reportedly took a particular dislike to the modernisation – with the changes completely different to anything she had ever experienced before.

According to the Channel 5 documentary, ‘Fergie vs Diana: Royal Wives at War’, Diana intervened to defend her friend when Anne had complained about her.

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Richard Kay, editor-at-large of the Daily Mail, recalled one particular incident: “Diana had quite a set-to with Princess Anne, who was complaining about something that Fergie had done.

“Diana stood up for her and said her piece. It was rather brave of Diana.

“She more or less asked Anne, ‘you’ve got to give her a break. Fergie is good for the family but she’s finding it hard to adjust, just as I did’.”

Another story revealed Anne reduced Fergie to tears at a family lunch.

Biographer David Leigh told a documentary, ‘Fergie: Downfall of the Duchess’, Anne once called Fergie an “outsider”.

He said: “There was a furious row between Andrew and Anne.

“Fergie walked out in tears. Andrew demanded that Anne apologise, which she did.”

Mr Leigh said the pair had a “very, very frosty relationship” afterwards. Fergie and Andrew divorced in 1996.

Anne, meanwhile, will welcome the public to her home at Gatcombe Park next year.

The Festival of British Eventing has been held at the Princess’ residence in Gloucestershire since 1983, but has been cancelled for the past two years due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

However, plans are in motion for the event to return in 2022, with eventing fans desperate to get a glimpse inside the Princess Royal’s home.

The popular event attracts over 40,000 spectators, some of the world’s best equestrian Olympians, and a host of familiar royal faces too.

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