Princess Beatrice became ‘more assertive’ after ultimatum to ex ‘backfired’: ‘Didn’t work’

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It has been a whirlwind 18 months for Beatrice, who wed in secret last year, with just a handful of people in attendance, before she and Edo welcomed their first child together earlier this month. The 33-year-old’s new arrival was confirmed in a statement by Buckingham Palace, which noted her baby weighed 6lb 2oz and was born at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. The newest Windsor means that Princess Beatrice’s grandmother, the Queen, now has 12 great-grandchildren, and that the baby is 11th-in-line to the thrown.

Delivering her own update on social media, Beatrice added: “So delighted to share the news of the safe arrival of our daughter on Saturday 18th September 2021, at 23.42, at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London.

“Thank you to the Midwife team and everyone at the hospital for their wonderful care.”

Prior to her romance with Edo, Beatrice had wished to settle down for some time – commentators suggested – particularly after her decade-long relationship with Dave Clark broke down.

Beatrice was so besotted with Dave that she even moved to New York for him when he was offered a role in the US.

Yet, by 2016 the relationship broke down.

According to reports at the time, a source said: “After 10 years together, Beatrice and Dave had to wonder why they were not married.

“They talked it through and decided to take time apart to reflect on the future.

“They remain friends and the decision to break up was mutual.”

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A separate source told The Mail on Sunday that the split upset some close to Beatrice, including her mother Sarah Ferguson, who “considers Dave to be part of the family”.

They added: “She is very sad it didn’t work out. They have been together longer than many marriages last.”

There was some speculation that the couple were delaying their plans of marriage as a result of Beatrice’s status in the line of succession.

At the time, Beatrice was among the first six heirs to the throne – which meant she would have had to sought the Queen’s permission to wed.

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Reports claimed that Beatrice’s cousin, Prince William, was not fond of Dave, and could have influence the Queen’s decision on whether they could get married.

But after Princess Charlotte was born, and Beatrice moved down the royal pecking order, a proposal still didn’t come.

Back in 2016, a source alleged: “Beatrice has become a lot more assertive and confident recently.

“She gave Dave an ultimatum, but it backfired because he did not ask her to marry him.

“They both agreed that with no marriage in their future, it was time to go separate ways.”

Royal commentator Angela Mollard also told New Idea: “[Beatrice] spent 10 years with a very nice chap called Dave Clark.

“He was an Uber executive.

“A decade together — I think it was probably one of those relationships where they were comfortable, they really liked each other, but there just wasn’t that spark.”

Despite ending on amicable terms, Beatrice did not attend her ex’s wedding in 2018 to Lynn Anderson.

Ms Mollard continued: “He went on and married someone within [two years] of their separation.

“That’s always hard — so she lost her boyfriend, [then] her sister got married.”

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