Princess Charlene fallen into dejected state like Grace Kelly in ‘first years’ as royal

Princess Charlene language barrier strains popularity says expert

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Princess Charlene has been at the cetre of speculation over the past few months due to her prolonged absence from Monaco. The Princess left the principality in May, and travelled to South Africa. The trip was meant to last a couple of weeks, but the Princess ended up “grounded” there for over six months, after contracting an ear, nose and throat infection. 

Charlene finally returned to Monaco in November after months in South Africa, only to leave again within days for a treatment center. 

Prince Albert announced she was being treated for exhaustion, both “mental and physical.”

Royal watchers are talking about the eerily similar situation to that of her late mother-in-law, the former Hollywood star Grace Kelly.

Former journalist Joel Stratte-McClure told the New York Post that Princess Grace was “the victim of a terrible depression during the first years of her marriage, comparable to what Charlene is going through today.” 

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And a royal insider close to the Grimaldis told the New York Post: “She was always difficult to pin down, indecipherable.

“She was not a trophy woman, as we often see in Monaco. She was not a schemer either.”

The insider also argued Charlene “always had either an air of total detachment from what one might think of her, or a mask of suffering that nothing could illuminate.”

This was evident in Charlene’s refusal to play by the rules in the earlier days of her marriage. 

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The Princess did not learn French, the language of the Monegasque population, and also committed some royal faux pas, such as not following the dress code during official events. 

Expert in European monarchy Maddalena Mastrostefano told the Express that Charlene’s “prolonged absence and her missing out on all this in these important engagements for the Monegasque population is going to create a strain and her relationship with the people of Monaco.”

The official statement from Prince Albert was that Charlene’s absence was due to a sinus infection that required multiple surgeries and treatments, and prevented her from flying home.


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The Post reported that Charlene’s issues are more complicated than anything that’s been reported in the media so far.

One expat told the paper “The gossip in Monte Carlo is gossip on a whole other level.”

They added: “Only the strong survive.”

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